This project is library for evaluating string matching algorithms.
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This project is library for evaluating string matching algorithms.


Search all positions:

List<int> result_int = ESMAJ.SearchAlgoritms.Search(pattern, source_text, ESMAJ.SearchAlgoritms.SearchAlgorithm.AlgorithmName);
//patterns and source_text are string variables.
public enum SearchAlgorithm { ApostolicoCrochemore, ApostolicoGiancarlo, BackwardNondeterministicDawgMatching,
            BackwardOracleMatching, BerryRavindran, BoyerMoore, BruteForce,
            Colussi, DeterministicFiniteAutomaton, ForwardDawgMatching, GalilGiancarlo, Horspool,
            KarpRabin, KMPSkipSearch, KnuthMorrisPratt, MaximalShift, MorrisPratt,
            NotSoNaive, OptimalMismatch, QuickSearch, Raita, ReverseColussi, ReverseFactor, ShiftOr, Simon,
            SkipSearch, Smith, StringMatchingonOrderedAlphabets, TunedBoyerMoore,
            TurboBM, TurboReverseFactor, TwoWay, ZhuTakaoka, NET_IndexOf, NET_IndexOf_Ordinal

Find first and break;

int res = ESMAJ.SearchAlgoritms.Search(tagname, source, startIndex, ESMAJ.SearchAlgoritms.SearchAlgorithm.AlgorithmName);
//startIndex is an integer value for reducing the search time of an algorithm.


Comparison of string matching algorithms in web documents. Buluş, H., N.; Uzun, E.; and Doruk, A. In International Scientific Conference’2017 (UNITECH’17), volume 2, pages 279-282, 2017.

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