Qwerty Keyboard Layout for Programmers
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Programmer Qwerty

Qwerty Keyboard Layout for Programmers.

As a programmer, we use # ( ) * & $ ! characters a lot. These characters are normally accessed while holding the Shift key. With this 2-stroke combination, it becomes tiring to type these characters and our coding session gets ruined. Programmer Qwerty solves this!

By assigning numbers to Shift + NUMBER combination, the characters important to coding can be accessed with only one stroke. So, just press 3 to type # for commenting, press 8 to type * for pointers, press 4 to type $ for variable definition in many languages. If you are LISPer, the number of keystrokes for paranthesis will greatly be reduced (nearly by half) and you will be able to write more lambdas and maps twice as much!

Programmer Qwerty uses the standart U.S. layout and changes only the number keys.


Select your operating system in the project directory and read the instructions for installing the keyboard layout.


Currently, only OS X and GNU/Linux are supported but layouts for other operating systems are planned. Check TODO.md.