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Code written throughout Computer Science education

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University Projects

This is a repository that hosts different projects written throughout my computer science education (starting from 2010). The repository is separated by languages instead of course codes. In each directory, a detailed explanation is given regarding to what the code does.

These projects are not the only ones I did in university. These are only small subset which I decided to make public.

Project List



Parser for λ-calculus. It supports λ definition and application. It implements naive β-transform, which can simply be defined as function application.

Multi Parameter Interpreter

Extended versions of arithmetic expression parser (AE-Parser) supporting with statements and functions. It is an environment based, multi parameter interpreter supporting high-order functions and closures. It accepts S-expressions.

Eight Queens Puzzle Solver

Puzzle solver operating on lists representing the chess board. The functions are tested using the chess board data structure internally. Unfortunately, it does not have a GUI to represent the chess board.


  • Guess elimination
  • Traffic light simulator
  • Random ball animator on the screen
  • Free fall simulation of a ball.


Sorting Algorithms

Implementation, testing, and performance comparison of Quick Sort, Heap Sort, and Cormen's Merge Sort algorithms. The comparison also includes insertion sort and regular merge sort, which my professor provided the implementation.

The data is gathered using my own implementation, written into a file, and plotted using gnuplot.

Binary Tree

Extendible, highly documented binary tree implementations with java generics. The implementations include Red-Black, AVL, and Binary Search trees.


Dining Philosophers

An implementation and solution of dining philosophers problem using semaphores. The directory contains a detailed explanation of the problem, possible solutions, and the solution I chose. (please check the PDF file)

Lex & Yacc

Simple, stack based calculator implemented using lex and yacc. The design and the implementation is in main.y file. You will find detailed explanation for design in the comments.


Chat Server

Simple and highly extendible chat server and client architecture using pure python sockets.

Window Share

Built on top of chat server, window share is a simple scribble-like game. Each client connects to the server and draws to the screen. The information is then relayed to other clients.

Tk is used to draw the GUI.


Code written throughout Computer Science education






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