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Fork of date.js

What's the deal with this fork?

I've ran into some issues with parsing and maintainability. The latest commit to date.js was in 2008 and there hasn't been a response to any of my inquiries.

I started off making branches with pull requests for the individual changes I had, but all of my changes have ended up relying on the previous change.

Because of this, I have settled on using the next branch to contain all of my changes.

What have you changed?

This isn't a comprehesive list, but it hopefully will hit the high points.

  • Make tests runnable from the command line via node.js
  • Make all tests pass via command line (this means marking some tests as failing)
  • Adding comments to finish() in parser.js to describe what each condition does
  • Remove conditions in finish() in parser.js that are not used by any tests
  • Fix a couple relative-ish cases like 15th at 3pm
  • Added support for "biasing" toward dates in the past or the future


There are many times where your users will be tending to want to specify dates only in the past or the future, so providing a mechanism where, if it is 3pm in the afternoon, specifying 1pm would give you the next day instead of the current one.

To enable biasing, Date.parse() now takes an optional object that is used as the object that is parsed to set defaults.

To enable biasing, set the bias property to either past or future. For example:

Date.parse('3pm', { bias: 'future' })

Original README.txt

For a quick tutorial on getting started with Datejs, please visit the following links...



Hope this helps!