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An easy-to-use ride sharing mobile app for Hong Kong. Using React Native for the App and Nodejs for the API, and Python for matching engine.
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HKUCS FYP Ride-sharing App For Hong Kong

Front-end: React Native + Native Base + Expo

Back-end: Nodejs + Expressjs + MongoDB + Redis

Also see back-end server repository:

Project Homepage:

Demo video on YouTube:


  1. Nodejs v8.x.x installed (npm command avaliable)

  2. Install Expo app in your smartphone

  3. Install yarn with version >=1.12.3 installed

  4. modify the content of serverURL in config.js file, to the local/public IP address of the machine that this development server to be running on

  5. Setup all back-end services described at

Install npm packages (under project's root directory):


To start the Expo-cli development tool:

yarn start

Then follow the instruction of the Expo-cli to start the App in your smartphone.

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