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Jasmine-species provides extended BDD grammar and reporting for Jasmine. It allows for constructs like "Feature -> Scenario", "Given -> When -> Then" (GWT) and other useful BDD styles.

Using the extended grammar provided by jasmine-species, you may define executable specifications for your product at multiple levels of granularity. For example, you may define higher level features with acceptance criteria using the Feature/Story grammar. You may use the GWT grammar to describe states and transitions based on a particular scenario. In essence, you may now create specs for your software in a more fluid manner than what you get with just "describe" and "it".

For example, your spec for the addition feature in a calculator software could read:

feature('Addition', function() {
        'In order to do basic calculations involving numbers',
        'As a math challenged student',
        'I want to be told the sum of two numbers'
    scenario('Adding two positive numbers', function() {
        var calc = new Calculator();
        given('I input 10 into the calculator', function() {
        and('I input +', function() {
        when('I input 4', function() {
        then('The result should be 14', function() {

Jasmine-species also comes with a StyledHtmlReporter which is simply an augmentation of the TrivialHtmlReporter that ships with Jasmine. The StyledHtmlReporter outputs reports that include the additional metadata attached to suites and specs by grammar elemens like "summary" in the example above.

Getting started

For information on how to use Jasmine-species in your product specs, head to the project site at http://rudylattae.github.com/jasmine-species/


I welcome any questions or feedback about bugs and suggestions on how to improve jasmine-species.

As a user

If you like it or think it's complete crap, hit me up on twitter @RudyLattae and let me know. I appreciate constructive criticsms or high fives :)

If you have some suggestions for improvement, please create an issue with details of what you would like to see. I'll take a look at it and work with you to either kill the idea or implement it.

As a developer/hacker

The best way to contribute is to fork this project, make your modifications and create a pull request. I'll be more than happy to merge in your work.

Please ensure that you provide supporting specs for your contribution. Also if you are creating a new feature or fixing a bug, create an issue for it so as to minimize duplication of effort.

The wiki contains rational for certain design decisions, some dev notes and even a dry back story. Be sure to Check it out before you begin hacking and slashing.


(c) 2010-2011 - Rudy Lattae. Released under the New BSD License.