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dnsmasq qpkg for qnap nas
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Release v0.1f - 28 Dec 2015


  • log rotate
  • update to notify user of status; ie. statup / config settings change / fail
  • Add confirmation that your changes took upon clicking submit in config, leases, hosts; and server restarted
  • Added ARM build arm-x09 (please test for me!)
  • Added ARM build arm-x19 (please test for me!)
  • Administration Tab - View process running status / Live Refresh on tab view
  • Administration Tab - Start & Stop Process with result / confirmation
  • Administration Tab - Download ZIP backup configuration
  • Administration Tab - Upload ZIP backup config, Restore & Reboot dnsmasq
  • Removed jQuery form plugin dependency
  • Configurations now staged and tested before being commited and dnsmasq rebooted
  • Test for presence of IPV6
  • Can now configure what interface dnsmasq is bound to
  • Can Enable/Disabled DHCP server
  • Better process restart checking on config change & dnsmasq reboot
  • Added ability to configure IPv6 DHCP range
  • Cleaned up alerts / do not use javascript alert()


  • reverse log listing -- newest @ Top
  • no for blank lines in the log file
  • proper parsing of IPv6 lease log entries on web interface
  • Current Leases should read "Expiring" not "assigned" for Time
  • Fix lease time // adjust for mismatched timezone in web ui
  • Following from timezone correction - correct lease expiration time now shown
  • removed confusing prepended scriptname output in message
  • Explain that you have to click "Enter" in the tables for leases, hosts for the changes to take
  • Fixed Bug in WebUI that crashed QPKG main config read in certain instances.
  • Fixed bug in uninstall
  • Fixed several bugs in installation



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