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Documentation about how to write and maintain a Django reusable app.
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This project is meant to hold documentation on how to build and maintain
Django reusable apps.

One item on the Pinax TODO/wish list is to have good documentation about all
aspects of a Django resuable app. This includes, but not limited to:

 * how to write one
 * how to release one
 * best practices

The documentation should be clear and structured logically like the Django
documentation itself. This documentation should cover:

 * admin
 * internationalization
 * models
 * feeds 
 * templates
 * templatetags
 * documentation
 * distribution
 * generic views
 * urls
 * tests

I really encourage anyone to fork this project and start contributing patches
back to me. I can certainly envision there will need to a lot of dicussion
about how things should be. Lets get it started again.

James Tauber started a mailing list and freenode IRC channel for this exact
stuff. django-hotclub [1] and #django-hotclub [2] respectively.

Also, I have setup a hosted location for the documentation [3]. This is
automatically updated from the master branch every ten minutes.

[2]: irc://

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