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A Riak loader for CRDTs
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riak_crdt is a CRDT loader for Riak using the crdt API


from riak_crdt.loader import Loader
from crdt.sets import LWWSet
from riak import RiakClient

client = RiakClient()
bucket = client.bucket("friends")

with Loader(LWWSet, bucket," "eric") as (loader, friend_set):

What just happened?

  1. The loader fetched the riak object at friends/eric
  2. If the object did not exist, a new LWWSet is created
  3. If the object did exist but had siblings, the LWWSet.merge method resolves the conflict.
  4. Otherwise, a LWWSet is used using the riak object's payload
  5. After the with block concludes, the Loader stores the object

Refer to the crdt README for more details.

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