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1 parent 2c80a11 commit 23af9c1309d4328d701ad67efc362ffe1b533519 @eric-al eric-al committed May 6, 2013
2 ...sts/2013-05-03-the-application-cookbook-pattern-berkshelf-and-team-chef-workflow.markdown
@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ The next step is figuring out how to manage Cookbook versioning in a multi-user
Here are a few ground rules that could be the basis of a sound Team Chef Development Workflow:
* Versioning of internal Cookbooks should be managed by the build server, and ONLY the build server.
-* Application Cookbook verions are pinned at the Environment level.
+* Application Cookbook versions are pinned at the Environment level.
* Library Cookbook versions are pinned in the metadata.rb of the Application Cookbook that includes them.
* Only Application Cookbooks get assigned to Nodes. Not Library Cookbooks, or Roles. (Stick with me for a second...)
* Library Cookbooks should change their behavior based upon Attributes.

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