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NOTE: Nothing here is ready for production use.

This repo contains a bunch of database stuff in Rust:


A key-value store built on a Log Structured Merge Tree.

This library was originally written in C#, and that version of the code exists in the history of this repo somewhere.

Then it was ported to F#, and that version is in the fsharp directory.

Then it was ported to Rust.


A NoSQL/document database aimed primarily at mobile use. This is a Rust port of


The BSON code from Elmo, separated out as a library.


The server and wire protocol parts of Elmo, separated out as a library. This code exists primarily for the purpose of allowing the MongoDB test suite to be run against the Elmo database library.


An implementation of Elmo's storage API which uses SQLite as a storage layer.


A library of common utility stuff that is used by the projects above.


For LSM, the port from F# to Rust is mostly complete.

For all the ELmo stuff, the Rust port is just getting started.


Apache v2