QCA reference HAL - 10.x mainline driver
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There's a few things of note here:

* A new chainmask option for managing configured versus calibrated
  versus transmitting TX chains.  One of the recent board designs
  uses two chains on a three-chain chip and there's some complexity
  behind getting everything exactly right.

* Extend the beacon interval API to include a "fraction" field.
  This is to offset some losses due to dividing, TSF, TU and TU/8

* There's a keycache issue that needs to be better understood, but
  apparently there's some occasional keycache corruption.  The new
  keycache routines allow for reading the keycache entry back
  and comparing it against the existing copy.

* Various initval, calibration fixes and other miscellaneous stuff
  that creeps in from time to time.
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This is a public version of the AR9300 HAL, suitable for open source

What is this?

This is a public version of the QCA mainline (10.x) development HAL.
It has a few notable changes:

* The boolean types have been converted back to the HAL types
  (HAL_BOOL, AH_TRUE / AH_FALSE) to aid integration into the existing
  open source Atheros HAL drivers;

* Some features have been removed from this HAL.

However, this is essentially the same HAL which is used in QCA development
and forms the basis for public releases from the 10.x mainline.

Subsequent HAL releases will be committed on top of this release in order
to provide developers with a simple change history they can use when
doing branch merging.