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Find top N hashtags associated with tweets containing specific terms
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Flink Twitter TopN

Find top N hashtags associated with tweets containing specific terms

How do I configure things?

You can just the value for topN and the list of hashtags to extract by modifying:

public static final Integer HASHTAG_LIMIT = 20;
public static final List<String> TagArray = new ArrayList<String>(Arrays.asList("NASA", "Discovery", "Interstellar"));

How to run?


First, you can execute this locally, without using a Flink cluster, by simply editing pom.xml, and update the commandlineArgs section to contain your valid Twitter API keys, and then build and run:

$ mvn clean package
$ mvn exec:java


If you're running a Flink cluster (and have the 'flink' command in your path), you can simply edit the script and fill in the values for:

flink run -p 1 -c io.eventador.flinktwitter.FlinkTwitter ./target/flink-twitter-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar \
    --consumer_key "CONSUMER_KEY" \
    --consumer_secret "CONSUMER_SECRET" \
    --token "TOKEN" \
    --token_secret "TOKEN_SECRET" \
    --topic "hashtags" \
    --bootstrap.servers "localhost:9092"

(You can get new Twitter API keys by visiting and creating a new test application.)

Once you've done that, simply build the JAR with

$ mvn clean package

and then submit it to the cluster by using the script. If it's working, you'll see output both in stdout, and if you have a Kafka endpoint, in the Kafka topic that you've selected.

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