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Desktop application for Remember The Milk (SHUT DOWN)
Java Groovy
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NOTE: This project is deprecated and will not be updated anymore, however, I will keep the app available for as long as I can.

Welcome to Cheqlist!

Cheqlist is an open-source Remember The Milk desktop application written in JavaFX and Groovy. All you need to use Cheqlist is Java 6 or higher and a Remember The Milk account.

Download Cheqlist


  • Add tasks quickly using RTM Smart Add or the full Add Task form
  • Edit, Postpone, and Delete tasks
  • Search tasks (including RTM's search operators)
  • View and create lists (and Smart Lists of course) and see their tasks
  • Customize the colors to match your style
  • Auto-syncs with your Remember The Milk account
  • Automatic updates
  • Lots more!
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