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Gradle plugin for working with JS
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Gradle Javascript Plugin! Build Status

Aiming to be the simplest way to manage your JavaScript in a build.

Quick Start

Wrangling your JS in a Gradle build is easy! Just add this to your build.gradle file:

Gradle 2.1+

plugins {
  id "com.eriwen.gradle.js" version "2.14.1"

Gradle 2.0-

buildscript {
  repositories {
  dependencies {
    classpath "com.eriwen:gradle-js-plugin:1.12.1"

apply plugin: "com.eriwen.gradle.js"
// Declare your sources
javascript.source {
    dev {
        js {
            srcDir jsSrcDir
            include "*.js"
            exclude "*.min.js"
    prod {
        js {
            srcDir jsSrcDir
            include "*.min.js"

Combining Files (options)

// Configure the built-in task
combineJs {
    encoding = "UTF-8"
    source =
    dest = file("${buildDir}/all.js")

// Create new CombineJsTasks if you have multiple sets of JS files
task jsDev(type: com.eriwen.gradle.js.tasks.CombineJsTask) {
    source = ["${projectDir}/js/file1.js", "${projectDir}/js/file2.js"]
    dest = file("${buildDir}/all-debug.js")

task jsProd(type: com.eriwen.gradle.js.tasks.CombineJsTask) {
    source = ["${projectDir}/js/file1.js", "${projectDir}/js/file2.js"]
    dest = file("${buildDir}/all.js")

Minifying files with Google Closure Compiler (options)

minifyJs {
    source = combineJs
    dest = file("${buildDir}/all-min.js")
    sourceMap = file("${buildDir}/all.sourcemap.json")
    closure {
        warningLevel = 'QUIET'

GZip JS (options)

gzipJs {
    source = minifyjs
    dest = file("${buildDir}/all-min.js")

JSHint support (options)

jshint {
    source =
    dest = file("${buildDir}/jshint.out")
    reporter = 'checkstyle'
    jshint.options = [expr: "true", unused: "true"]

JSDoc 3 support (options)

jsdoc {
    source = ["${projectDir}/js/file1.js", "${projectDir}/js/file2.js"]
    destinationDir = file("${buildDir}/jsdoc")

props2js support (options)

props2js {
    source = file("${projectDir}/src/test/resources/")
    dest = file("${buildDir}/props.jsonp")
    props {
        type = 'jsonp'
        functionName = 'fn'

require.js via r.js (options)

requireJs {
    source =
    dest = file("${buildDir}/out.js")
    requirejs.buildprofile = new File("src/main/resources/requirejs-config.js")

Built-in Tasks and Options


  • source = Collection of file paths of files to merge
  • dest = File for combined output

minifyJs (Uses the Google Closure Compiler)

  • source = File to minify
  • dest = File for minified output
  • (Optional) sourcemap = Source map file
  • (Optional) closure.compilationLevel = 'WHITESPACE_ONLY', 'SIMPLE_OPTIMIZATIONS' (default), or 'ADVANCED_OPTIMIZATIONS' (are you hardcore?)
  • (Optional) closure.warningLevel = 'QUIET', 'DEFAULT' (default), or 'VERBOSE'
  • (Optional) closure.compilerOptions = CompilerOptions object
  • (Optional) closure.externs = FileCollection object


  • source = File to compress
  • dest = File for compressed output


  • source = Files to assess with JSHint
  • dest = File for JSHint output
  • (Optional) reporter = Only 'checkstyle' supported right now. Defaults to plain JSHint output.
  • (Optional) ignoreExitCode = Fail build if false and jshint finds problems. Default is true.
  • (Optional) outputToStdOut = true will output to STDOUT instead of file. Default is false.
  • (Optional) jshint.options = Map of options (e.g. [expr: "true", unused: "true"])
  • (Optional) jshint.predef = Map of predefined globals so JSHint doesn't complain about them


  • source = Files to generate documentation for
  • destinationDir = Directory path to put JSDoc output
  • (Optional) options.options = []
JSDoc 3 options:
-t or --template <value> The name of the template to use. Default: the "default" template
-c or --configure <value> The path to the configuration file. Default: jsdoc __dirname + /conf.json
-e or --encoding <value> Assume this encoding when reading all source files. Default: utf-8
-T or --test Run all tests and quit.
-d or --destination <value> The path to the output folder. Use "console" to dump data to the console. Default: console
-p or --private Display symbols marked with the @private tag. Default: false.
-r or --recurse Recurse into subdirectories when scanning for source code files.
-h or --help Print this message and quit.
-X or --explain Dump all found doclet internals to console and quit.
-q or --query <value> Provide a querystring to define custom variable names/values to add to the options hash.
-u or --tutorials <value> Directory in which JSDoc should search for tutorials.


  • source = Properties file to process
  • dest = Destination file for output
  • props.type = One of: 'js', 'json', or 'jsonp'
  • (Optional) props.functionName = Function name to wrap JSONP


  • source = Source JS files
  • dest = Output JS file
  • (Must declare this or requirejs.options) requirejs.buildprofile = File reference for config example
  • requirejs.options = Map of options require.js docs
  • (Optional) ignoreExitCode = Fail build if false and require.js did not run successfully. Default is false.
  • (Optional) requirejs.impl = r.js implementation file. Version 2.1.8 is provided within this plugin. Specifying this option allows users to specify a version of the require optimizer of their own choosing

What, you want more? Tell me!


This project is made possible due to the efforts of these fine people:

  • Eric Wendelin - Original author and maintainer
  • Luke Daley - Advice and improved project structure and testing
  • Josh Newman - AMD and CommonJS work
  • Martin Ziel - Allowing minifyJs task to accept multiple files as input
  • Joe Fitzgerald - JSHint and RequireJS features
  • levsa - JSHint predef and checkstyle reporter
  • Martin Snyder - requireJs impl option
  • Aaron Arnett - Remove explicit MavenCentral dependency
  • sv99 - Improve Gradle version compatibility

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