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version 3.0.3
New ponies: auntorange, caballeron, cocopommel, coloratura, coriander,
doublediamond, ember, flurryheart, fluttershybat,
fluttershybathang, goldiedelicious, grace, kevin,
kingthorax, lovemelody, moondancer, plaidstripes, rara,
saffron, starlightglimmer, stellareclipse, stormyflare,
sunburst, sunburstcape, svengallop, thesmooze, thorax,
tirek, treehugger, troubleshoes, twilightbreezie, whoanelly,
zephyrbreeze, zipporwhill, zipporwhillsfather
New extraponies: cocoachill, riverbeauty, velvetremedy
Pony symlink added: cookiecrumbles → raritysmom (official name)
bettyboufant → raritysmom (Gameloft name)
hondoflanks → raritysdad (official name)
royalpin → pockeypierce (Gamelft name)
cloudyquartz → sue (Gameloft name)
cocopommel → misscoco (changed in serie)
horsemd → doctop (official mame)
fleurdelis → fleurdislee (Gameloft name)
blinkie → limestone (Official name)
inky → marble (Official name)
clyde → igneousrock (Official name)
hughjelly → hughbertjellius (Official name)
drcaballeron → caballeron (Official spelling)
countess → rara (Real name)
stormyflare → spitfiresmom (family relationship)
airheart → jetstream (official name on merchandise)
raindrops → sunshowerraindros (official name on merchandise)
lovemelody → venus (resemblance)
Special pony cases:
* orange was renamed to uncleorange to not conflict with auntorange.
* cocopommel was renamed to misspommel in the serie and merchandise
a symlink was provided pointing to the old name
* maudepie was renamed to maudpie since that her real name, we
just miswritted it
Changed all the references from griffin to griffon, that the apropiate
canon in-universe name for this creature.
Code is cleaned and improved.
Initial fullwidth CJK characters support added.
Version 3.0.2
New ponies: ahuizotl, brucemane, cheesesandwich, coldheart,
creampuff, cremebrulee, deepblue, filmreel,
flashsentry, fleetfoot, hairytipper, ironwill,
mane-iac, mantishy, maudepie, maybelle, misty, mule,
nightmarerarity, peachbottom, poundfly, pumpkincake,
rainbowdashcrystal, rainbowdrop, rainbowfim,
seabreeze, shoeshine, shortround, strawberrycream,
sunsetshimmer, tealove, theoldenpony, unclewing,
yearling, wildflower.
New extraponies: archlinux, aurora, aquarius, aries, barbara, buttonmon,
calamity, cancer, capricorn, childrenofthenight, chrome,
coffeetalk, coffeewalk, drizzle, firefox, gemini, gnupony,
fluffle, freckles, fyreflyready, kingsley, kingsleybanner,
internetexplorer, leo, libra, lilmissrarity, litlepip, milky,
milkylay, opera, oscura, pisces, princeartemis, reddit,
robodash, sagittarius, scorpio, seabreeze, snowdrop-crew,
solaris, starstruck, sweetiebot, taurus, twibrain, virgo,
Pony symlink added: walter → waltercoltchack
barbra → barbara (In extraponies)
buttonmash → highscore
brad → flashsentry (Was used on EQD)
mabel → maybelle (Believe or not is canon for both sides)
ie → internetexplorer
dancefever → hairytipper
snowheart → coldheart
bulkbiceps → snowflake
manticore → mannyroar (Official name)
Default value for -W has been changed from 40 to 65.
Special pony cases:
* nightmare was renamed to nightmaremoon for consistency with
the comic.
* ironwill (3.0.1 and lower) has been renamed to ironwillwalk
because now we have a ironwill in a non walk pose as they master.
* doctor has ben reintegrated to ponies thanks to official comic
issue #8 where is sit alongside drhooves.
* pipsqueak from ponies has been renamed to pipsqueakpirate and
pipsqueak from extraponies moved to ponies has now is canon.
Turkish manual page added.
Swedish manual page added.
+h (++help, --help-colour) added.
auto-auto-completion now is no more part of ponysay, therefor you
need install them and rebuild to get auto-completions, otherwise
these auto-completion files aren't installed.
Version 3.0.1
New ponies: harshwhinny.
All ponies has been reviewed and improved when needed.
The ponysay-tool command is now installed.
Version 3.0
New ponies: applesplit, amira, babseed, bear, beautybrass, bigmacsleep,
billneigh, cadancecrystal, cadancescruffy, cloudchaser,
descent, featherweight, fiddlesticks, flitter, gingersnap,
haakim, hayseed, lighningdust, jubileena, midnightstrike,
mrbreezy, orangebird, orangefrog, pansyshy, pinkiecrazyface,
poundcake, princesserroria, raccoon, rainbowblitz,
rarityelite, ravenearth, ravenunicorn, royalunicornguard,
rumble, shiningarmorcrystal, sombra, spikecrystal, squirrel,
sweetcream (comic), trixieamulet, twilacorn, twilightcrystal,
twilightfly, twilightprincess, twilightwings, twinkleshine.
New extraponies: donutpony, gleamingshield, hestelle, johndelancie,
jristz, maandree, orion, pipsqueak (without pirate suit),
paradise, pizzapony, snowdrop, tempo, ticket.
Ponies renamed: lotusbloosom → lotusblossom (typo)
maredowellgallop → maredowellgallop (need a version named as master)
ironwillwalk → ironwillwalk (need a version named as master)
shadowbolts → nightingale (shadowbolts split)
lily → lilyvalley (official name)
sweatiesing → sweetiesing (name consistency)
carecake become carrotcake (official name)
peppermoon → papermoon (miswriting)
maria into danger (given by the author)
meliot → melilot (miswriting)
Pony symlink added: lily → lilyvalley
sweetiedrops → bonbon
carecake → carrotcake
berrydreams → blueberry
raven → ravenunicorn (need a version named as master)
Special pony cases:
* fillycelestia and filliestia has been moved to extraponies.
Renamed option -F to +f and option --F to ++f, -F and --F has new definitions.
Environment variable 'PONYSAY_TYPO_LIMIT' has been added.
Environment variable 'PONYSAY_WRAP_HYPHEN' has been added.
Environment variable 'PONYSAY_WRAP_LIMIT' has been added.
Environment variable 'PONYSAY_WRAP_EXCEED' has been added.
Added support for ~/.ponysayrc with the alternatives: ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/ponysay/ponysayrc
and ~/.config/ponysay/ponysayrc as well as the global fallback /etc/ponysayrc.
-f, +f and -q may be unargumented if that are at the end of the command line.
ponysay-tool is introduced, it can be used to edit, remove and copy pony meta data, and more.
ponysay-tool --kms generates all kmsponies for the current TTY palette.
Pony metadata tags BALLOON TOP and BALLOON BOTTOM can be used to specify how
much extra height the balloon causes at the top and at the bottom of the pony.
${XDG_DATA_HOME}/ponysay/* is allowed in favour of ${HOME}/.local/share/ponysay/*
Balloons can be have and explicit minimum column span with placement justification.
Only ponies that fit the terminal will be randomly selected (for directory with pony
dimension files generated), however if no pony fits, any of the can be randomly selected.
Setup option --sysconf-dir with default value /etc added.
New manditory setup option --freedom.
Pony metadata options added: --info, ++info and --restrict.
The license has been changed to the GNU General Public License version 3+, WTFPL 2.
Version 2.9.1
Bug fix: correction in the -W option broke the -o option.
Version 2.9
New ponies: pinkieumbrelahatfear, twilighttime.
New extraponies: molestia (Tumblr)
The option -q works like -f and -F, it takes one argument, and may be used multiple
times for more arguments.
The old option -q is renamed to --q.
The options --f and --F has been added.
Weighted distance for autocorrection on pony names and boolean style name is set to 5, rather
than unlimited. Currently this cannot be modified (without editing the source code.)
If file descriptor 3 is definied when ponysay is executed, extra information is printed to it.
Arguments starting with n or i is allowed for -W.
Version 2.8
New ponies: airheart, bastionyorsets, gustavelegrand, milkyway,
peppermoon, pinkacopter, pinkiefly, pinkieparade,
pinkieumbrellahat, raritycomplaining, shiningarmorwedding,
soarinofficer, starlight, sunnyrays, sweatiesing,
tenderheart, tom, twilightspike, zecorabalance.
New extraponies: applejack (Tumblr), applejack-63, artemis, blueberry,
butterscotch, drhoovesdiscorded (Tumblr), duskshine,
elusive, rainbowblitz.
Pony symlink added: georgewachingtony → bastionyorsets
Support for explicit hypthenation using soft hyphens had been added to the word wrapper.
Support for explicit non-word wrapping using non-breaking space had been added to the word wrapper.
The word wrapper colours the inserted hyphens in red.
Support for terminal capabilities emulation with the flags -X, -V and -K.
Support for printing just the pony, using the flag -o.
Colouring option flags are added.
Automatic correction of incorrectly spelled pony names and balloon style names added.
Version 2.7
New ponies: basil, cloudkicker, cerberus, cow, derpysad, flowertrio,
frederickhorseshoepin, horsemd, jeffletroski, jesuspezuna,
joe, joetuxedo, manticore, meadowsong, meliot,
pinkiegummydisguise, seaswirl, theodoredonaldkerabatsos,
turf, waltercoltchak.
New extraponies: blueballblitz (Various fanfics, Shadowbolt),
drhooves1, drhooves2, drhooves3, drhooves4, drhooves5,
drhooves6, drhooves7, drhooves8, drhooves9, drhooves10,
drhooves11, nyx (Fanfic: Past Sins),
nyxdisguised (Fanfic: Past Sins),
pinkaminacupcake (Fanfic).
Pony renamed: cracky → crackle
Version 2.6
New ponies: applebloomdance, blueberry, blueberrycake, blueharvest,
candylicious, cherrycola, cracky, cutiemarkcrusaders,
derpybags, derpycloud, firestreak, hughjelly, lemonhearts,
lyrabonbon, noi, pictureperfect, pigpen, poppycock,
quickfix, rainbowhurricane, rainboshadowbolt, silverspeed,
surprise (wonderbolt), thunderlane, timeturner,
New extraponies: faust (alicorn), maria (Moonstuck, seapony),
posey (Tumblr), slanderpony (Various tumblr),
sparkler (Tumblr), twilight (Tumblr).
Pony symlink added: bonbonlyra → lyrabonbon
clockwork → quickfix
drhooves → timeturner
epona → quickfix
lotusbloosom → lotus
Special pony cases:
* doctor and doctornohat has become extraponies, because their
mane style is different from in the TV show. And timeturner no
longer links to any of them.
./configure and make is no longer support.
Version 2.5.1
New extra ponies: sealyra.
Build system as compatibility with standard GNU Make build system.
Version 2.5
Brand new highly configurable build system.
UTF-8 as I/O encoding is enforced. (Critical bug fix for ASCII locale users.)
Version 2.4
Nothing worth mentioning.
Note: Identifies itself as version 2.3
Version 2.3
Support for 'best.pony' file.
`-q` accepts file names.
Improved Unicode support: treats combining characters as invisible.
Optional support for UCS pony names.
Pony files and balloon style files can be pipes (as
well as sockets, doors and as always regular files.)
Support cowsay style message compression.
New ponies: blaze
New extraponies: fyrefly (Tumblr), surprise (Tumblr), woona (Moonstuck),
woonanohat (Moonstuck).
Pony symlink added: pinkieoink → oinkoinkoink
Support for non-MLP:FiM ponies (known as extraponies).
Version 2.2
Full support for arbitrary positioning of balloon in pony files.
ANSI colour sequences in pony files are applied only to the pony image,
not the balloon link or the balloon itself.
Support for colours in the message.
Support custom balloon styles using the option '-b', '-B' will list all
available. This list depends on whether you are invoking `ponysay` or `ponythink`.
Version 2.1.1
Nothing worth mentioning.
Version 2.1
Pony renamed: applebumkin → applebumpkin
New ponies: purplehaze, owlowiscious.
Cowsay has be reimplemented, and have full Unicode support
and support for @code{figlet} style messages.
Deleted environment variables: PONYSAY_COWSAY, PONYSAY_COWTHINK
You will need Python 3, but not GNU Bash, Perl or Cowsay.
New .pony file format is used.
Version 2.0
Makefile is generated by running `./configure`.
All Perl scripts and almost all Bash are reimplemented in one Python 3 script.
kmsponies4ponysay is included.
Version 1.4.1
Code is repaired and more portable.
Version 1.4
Make file is improved.
Note: Identifies itself as version 1.3
Version 1.3
New ponies: forestspirit, hollydash, raggedy, rhyme.
Pony renamed: sindy → powderrouge
Pony symlink added: sindy → powderrouge
PREFIX=/some-dir can be used when invoking make, the default value is /usr
Version 1.2
ponyquotes4ponysay is included.
Support for extension: kmsponies4ponysay.
New ponies: ace, filthyrich, blueblood, gingergold, hayfever,
highscore, junebug, mrsparkle, persnickety, ponet,
screwloose, tornadobolt.
Pony renamed: elsie → prettyvision
Pony symlinks added: mrsparkle → nightlight
elsie → prettyvision
Arbitrary spaces in '-f' argument is not longer accepted (it causes
problems with file names including spaces).
Note: Identifies itself as version 1.1
Version 1.1
Man pages are compressed before installation.
'info manual' added.
Shell completion for 'ponythink' added, in addition to 'ponysay'.
'fish' completion added.
'/usr/lib/ponysay' is used instead of '/usr/bin'
for code used by the main script.
'~/.local/share/ponysay is used for private pony directories.
'ncurses' is no longer needed for determining the screen's size,
'coreutils' is used instead.
Pony symlinks added: amethyststar → sparkler
berrypinch → ruby
craftycrate → boxxy
magnum → raritysdad
pearl → raritysmom
powderrouge → sindy
royalribbo → violet
New ponies: blossomforth, bonvoyage, cadance, celestiasmall,
changelingqueen, cherryberry, discordamused,
discordpuppetmaster, fleurdelishair, fleurdelislay,
owl, perrypierce, petunia, pinacolada, skyra,
Pony spelling removed: fillycadence.
Pony symlink change: perry → (pokey → perrypierce).
Option '-L' added, lists ponies with symlink mapping.
Support for extension: ponyquotes4ponysay.
Accepts arbitrary spaces in '-f' argument.
Version 1.0
Spanish translation of the man page is added.
New ponies: applecore, applejackscarecrow, bonbonstand, changeling,
chrysalis, cottoncloudy, diamondmint, discord,
fillycadence, flam, fleurdelis, flim, fluttershyshy,
fluttershystare, lyrasit, oinkoinkoink (is pinkie),
philomenaphoenix, pinkiecannon, pinkiecannonfront,
pinkiecannonhappy, pinkiegummy, pinkiehugfluttershy,
pinkiehugsfluttershy, pinkiepartycannon, pinkieprincess,
pinkiesilly, pinkietongue, pinkiewhoops, pinkiewhoopseat,
pinkiewhoopsout, rainbowdrag, rainbowsalute, rainbowshine,
raritydrama, shiningarmor, shiningarmorguard, snowflak,
spikemustache, stevenmagnet, stevenmagnettrue,
twilightcrazyfromball, twilightrage, twilightzero,
Pony symlinks added: djpon-3 → vinyl
fillycadance → fillycadence
horsepower → snowflake
Improved TTY support: ponies have low colours resolution, instead
of monochrome, when the high colour resolution is not available.
Version 0.10
Man page manual added.
The directories for pony directories are changed
from '/usr/share' to '/usr/share/ponysay' and '~' to '~/.ponysay'.
Pony symlinks added: carrottop → carrot
goldenharvest → carrot
harpass → lyra
heartstrings → lyra
lulamoon → trixie
minuette → colgate
noteworthy → blues
perry → pokey
pokeypierce → pokey
timeturner → doctornohat
trixielulamoon → trixie
twilightvelvet → mrssparkle
Support for truncating output on height, enabled by default under TTY.
Environment variables added: 'PONYSAY_FULL_WIDTH',
Version 0.9
Output truncated on width to fit screen.
Support for TTY (Linux VT).
'bash' completion added.
'zsh' completion added.
New ponies: allie, archer, boxxy, carecake, cupcake, daringdo,
davenport, fancypants, ironwillwalk, lily, lunafly,
maredowellfly, maredowellgallop, master, mjolna,
orange, raritysdad, raritysmom, royalnightguard,
ruby, sparkler, violet.
Version 0.8
New ponies: aloe, angle, applebloom, applebumkin [sic.],
applefritter, berrypunch, bigmac, blinkie, blues,
braeburn, caesar, candymane, caramel, cheerilee,
cheerilee80, clyde, colgate, colton, daisy, derpystand,
derpystandwing, diamondtiara, dinky, doctornohat, elsie,
fido, fillycelestia, fillydash, fillydashfly, fillyjack,
fillyjacktravel, fillypinkie, fillypinkiecurly,
fillyrarity, fillyshy, fluttershygala, gilda, gildastand,
granny, grannychair, grannysleep, gummy, hoity, horte,
inky, laflour, lightning, lintsalot, lotus, mayor,
mrssparkle, nightmare, opal, parasprite, philomena,
photofinish, pinkamina, pinkiebounce, pinkiechicken,
pinkiegala, pipsqueak, pokey, rainbowfly, rainbowgala,
rainbowsleep, raindrops, rarityfly, raritygala,
rarityponder, redheart, rocky, rose, rover, royalguard,
sapphire, scootaloo, screwball, shadowbolts, silverspoon,
silverstar, sindy, snails, snips, soarin, soigne, spike,
spikefloat, spikelove, spot, stella, strongheart, sue,
suedance, tank, trixiestage, trixiestand, turnip, twist,
Note: Identifies itself as version 0.7
Version 0.7
New ponies: carrot, octavia, trixie, vinyl, zecora.
Support for listing ponies with '-l' option.
Version 0.6
New ponies: bonbon, celestia, doctor, fillistia (filly Celestia),
spitfire, woona (not moonstuck).
Dropping usage of utility 'which', using 'hash' instead.
Note: Identifies itself as version 0.5
Version 0.5
Using utility 'which' to determine existance of 'cowsay'.
Version 0.4
'.cow' files are removed.
Support for '-W' option.
Select random pony if not specified.
Added command '-f' for supports file names, and not only pony names.
Version 0.3
Fixed use of '.pony' files.
Version 0.2
Pony files end with '.pony' instead of '.cow'.
Pony renamed: lyrasleep → lyra.
'.cow' files are kept but not used.
Added option '-h' prints proper help.
Version 0.1
First release.
Includes the ponies: applejack, derpy, derpysit, fluttershy,
luna, lyrasleep, pinkie, rainbow, rarity,
sweetie, twilight.