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iPhone/iPad implementation of the Glulxe IF interpreter
Objective-C CSS Perl
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Latest commit 91a061f Andrew Plotkin Put an info button on transcripts in the share view.
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Media Baricons to 3x.
Resources Change the label that appears on the share screen when there are no f…
WebSite Missing paren.
glulxe @ 5ec78bf Submodule bumps.
iosglk @ 079e6d5 Submodule bump.
iosglulxe.xcodeproj Added the MobileCoreServices framework.
.gitmodules Try doing the relative submodules thing.
Default-568h@2x.png Updated the keyboard button (upper right) to match the IosFizmo UI, w…
Default-Landscape.png Icon files
Default-New-568h@2x.png iPad iOS7 launch images (@1x)
Default-New-Landscape.png iPad iOS7 launch images (@1x)
Default-New-Portrait.png iPad iOS7 launch images (@1x)
Default-New@2x.png iPad iOS7 launch images (@1x)
Default-Portrait.png Icon files
Default.png Icon files
Default@2x.png Build an iOS6 Default@2x image, because that's easy.
Game.ulx Rename game file to Game.ulx (generic)
Icon-40@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-50.png Icon files
Icon-50@2x.png Icon files
Icon-60@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-72.png New icon sizes.
Icon-72@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-76.png New icon sizes.
Icon-76@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small-50.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small-50@2x.png New icon sizes.
Icon-Small.png New icon sizes.
Icon.png New icon sizes.
Icon@2x.png New icon sizes.
README Initial readme commit.
TODO Hey, it's a TODO file.
doc-app-building.txt Put in the correct read-only Git URL
iTunesArtwork New icon sizes.
iosglulxe-Info.plist Add the UTI declarations to accept save files from other apps.
iosglulxe_Prefix.pch Add the quartzcore header
main.m Project file and associated stuff


This project is a combination of two subprojects: glulxe and iosglk.
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