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When I open-sourced crone I used a BSD license boilerplate that was supplied by the OSI, which had a technical problem: it still mentioned "THE REGENTS" in the disclaimer text, even though they had replaced "Regents" with "Copyright holders" in the legal condition text itself. ("Regents" originally referred to the Regents of the University of California at Berkeley.)

I've since replaced that BSD license on crone with one that does not include the word "REGENTS". Feel free to use that instead.

Also, your own license terms appear to be a verbatim copy of crone's original license terms. Of course, this means it has the "REGENTS" problem. But it also contains "Neither the name of Cat's Eye Technologies", which I don't think you want when the copyright belongs to eCD Market.

crone's new license is less error-prone this way as it just says "the names of the copyright holders" for that bit. I might suggest just using one copy of the license text, with the names of all the copyright holders at the top.

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@catseye Thanks for the update. This seems reasonable to me and I will make the changes you suggest.

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