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Streamlined Survey Propogation

This repository provides a reference implementation for solving constraint satisfaction problems via streamlined survey propogation as described in the paper:

Streamlining Variational Inference for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Aditya Grover, Tudor Achim, Stefano Ermon
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2018


The codebase has been built on top of the survey propogation implementation of A. Braunstein, M. Mezard, and R. Zecchina as described in the paper "Survey propagation: an algorithm for satisfiability". It is implemented in C/C++ and tested on Ubuntu 16.04.


To compile the binaries run the following command from the root directory

make all

This will create a binary file for sp in the root directory (and others which will be directly accessed by sp).


For a full list of options, run:

./sp -h

Key options are described below:

  -l CSP in CNF representation (if none provided, random k-SAT instance is generated)
  -k length of each clause 
  -n number of variables 
  -m number of clauses 
  -a clause/variable ratio
  -s seed for reproducibility
  -% percentage of paired disjunctions (denoted as R in the paper)
  -t number of streamlining iterations (denoted as T in the paper)
  -d limit on the streamlined disjunctions per variable
  -p prefix path where all the generated files (cnf formula, streamlined formula etc.) are dumped


Baseline survey inspired decimation on a random 3-SAT instance with 50,000 variables and clause to variable ratio of 4.235:

./sp -n50000 -a4.235 -k3 -%1 -t0 -d2 -s1

Survey inspired streamlining for the same problem instance:

./sp -n50000 -a4.235 -k3 -%1 -t90 -d2 -s1

Survey inspired streamlining for an arbitrary CSP accessed via the filepath csp/1.cnf:

./sp -%1 -lcsp/1.cnf -t80


If you find this codebase useful in your research, please consider citing the following paper:

title={Streamlining Variational Inference for Constraint Satisfaction Problems},
author={Grover, Aditya and Achim, Tudor and Ermon, Stefano},
booktitle={Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems},