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The site is based on the Hugo Bootstrap Premium theme, and takes inspiration from the site.


If you would like to contribute code to Ernest please follow the standard Fork-and-Branch GitHub workflow. If you're not familiar with this process please read the following guides:

We will review and discuss with you any contributions or corrections submitted via GitHub Pull Request.

Making Changes

To make sure your changes render correctly, you can build and preview the site on your local system using Hugo.

Note 1: On OS X, if you have Homebrew, installation is even easier: just run brew install hugo.

Note 2: Hugo requires Go 1.4+. If Go is not already installed on your system, you can get it here.

Now install Hugo:

go get -u -v

Clone your forked copy of the repository:

git clone<YOUR GIT USERNAME>/ernest-site.git

Change to the directory:

cd ernest-site/

Build the site and start the server:

hugo server -w

The -w switch starts Hugo in live preview mode, so you can see your updated content and layout in real time as you edit.


The main menu can be changed by modifying data/Menu.toml:

Name = "Download"
URL = "download"

Name = "Documentation"
URL = "documentation"

The Documentation side menu can be changed by modifying [[menu.documentation]] in config.toml:

  name = "Introduction"
  weight = 0
  name = "vCloud Director"
  weight = 1


All content resides in the content directory and its sub-directories. Each main menu link corresponds to a file (html or markdown) or a sub-directory.

Each page needs a header similar to this:

date = "2016-05-17"
cssid = "download"
type = "download"
description = "Ernest makes it easier to develop and deploy applications in the Cloud. Ernest supports full-stack application orchestration that allows you to drive software and infrastructure as a unified system."

Documentation pages need additional information in their headers to control how they appear in the side menu:

date = "2016-06-06"
title = "Introduction"
category = "documentation"
  name = "Introduction"
  weight = -100
  identifier = "vcloud-intro"
  parent = "vCloud Director"

Style Guidelines and Conventions

  • Use topic-based files and titles
  • Use only headers 1 (#), 2 (##) and 3 (###)
  • Use single spaces to separate sentences
  • Markdown syntax:
  • Links: [Ernest](
  • Cross references: [Support](/support/)
  • Images: ![dog](/img/ernest-dog.png)
  • Triple ticks for code, commands to run, user operations, input/output
  • Single ticks for executable names, file paths, inline commands, parameters, etc.
  • Graphics: save as *.png; source in static/img/