DigisparkKeyboard library with multiple layout support
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DigisparkKeyboard library with multiple layout support

Based on DigisparkKeyboard library

This library allows an Digispark board with Attiny85 act as a Keyboard.

For more information about this boards visit http://digistump.com/category/1

Modified by Ernesto Sanchez to support multiple keyboard layouts

Modified by Mümin Köykıran to support Turkish keyboard layouts

Supported layouts:

  • tr_tr
  • be_be
  • cz_cz
  • da_dk
  • de_de
  • en_us (default)
  • es_es
  • fi_fi
  • fr_fr
  • it_it
  • pt_pt

NOTE1: Only en_us and es_es are tested at july 2017. NOTE2: tr_tr tested at March 2018. The result is perfect.

Download and installation

  • Click "Clone or download" -> "Download ZIP"
  • Unzip downloaded file in Arduino/libraries/ directory
  • Maybe you need to use this directory (C:\Users\Mümin Köykıran\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\digistump\hardware\avr\1.6.7\libraries) in your PC


To configure the keyboard layout it just add #define kbd_lang after #include "DigiKeyboard.h"


#define kbd_tr_tr
#include "DigiKeyboard.h"

You can use:

  • kbd_tr_tr
  • kbd_be_be
  • kbd_cz_cz
  • kbd_da_dk
  • kbd_de_de
  • kbd_en_us
  • kbd_es_es
  • kbd_fi_fi
  • kbd_fr_fr
  • kbd_it_it
  • kbd_pt_pt

If none is especified en_us is used by default.

Version History

(Date format: DD/MM/YYYY)
* 8/7/2017 First commit


  • Test all layouts
  • Implement a solution for extended ascii characters for all layouts


Open an issue, ask me on twitter to @ernesto_xload or visit www.sanchezpano.info

Turkish implemented and tested by: @MrKoykiran or visit www.muminkoykiran.com