The best JavaScript/TypeScript job processing framework on the planet.
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The best TypeScript and JavaScript background job processing on the planet.

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TaskBotJS is a job queue and processing service for NodeJS applications. Using Redis as a background store, TaskBotJS allows you to offload long-running jobs away from your web application and handles all the rough edges involved: job scheduling, handling failures and retries, priority queueing, and the works. It's designed to make developers and operators happy to use it. Above everything else, TaskBotJS just wants to get out of your way so you can get your work done.

It's pretty cool, and I'm excited that you're here to check it out.


TaskBotJS has pretty extensive documentation that discusses its goals, its use cases, and pretty much everything you'd want to know about it. You can find more details on the website, too!

TaskBotJS Pro: the Commercial Version

TaskBotJS is a full-featured piece of software as-is, but as projects and companies grow there are features that enable those projects to accomplish common tasks that are nevertheless tricky to implement at a larger scale. I like to think of TaskBotJS Pro as a package that empowers developers with more options for powerful, flexible jobs, and the upcoming TaskBotJS Enterprise (slated for release sometime in 2018) will give system administrators and devops engineers more options for safely, reliably, and securely running jobs related to your products.