A callback-based C++ wrapper for the Forecast IO API.
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A callback-based C++ wrapper for the Forecast IO API, using the C++11 standard. It is heavily modularised and object-oriented so that multiple listeners can easily be attached to different sections.


  • Compiler: This was developed primarily using Clang 3.4.1 on an Ubuntu-derived Linux system; There was some minimal usage of GCC as well as MinGW under Windows 7, but I haven't tested these compilers on the newest version of the code.
  • json-c 0.11: https://github.com/json-c/json-c/
  • For the demo application, cURL 7.35 is also required


A makefile is included for building the included demo application console-weather: Use the target Debug to build an executable with debugging symbols and Release to build one without. As stated above, this makefile was tested largely only on an Ubuntu-based system, so it may need to be changed to work on your system.

To do

  • Add callbacks for forecast data blocks
  • Improve build process: E.g. use CMake instead of writing makefile manually
  • Add console-writing functionalities for as-yet-unimplemented callbacks
  • Make demo program support printing out SI measurements as well
  • Make demo writer classes wrap data at terminal edge