This is a firebase storage plugin for errbot
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Firebase storage plugin for errbot


Errbot is a python chatbot, this storage plugin allows you to use it with Google Firebase as a persistent storage.


  1. Go to Google Firebase and create an account, developers account are free.
  2. First you need to clone this repository somewhere, for example:
mkdir /home/gbin/err-storage
cd /home/gbin/err-storage
git clone
  1. Then you need to add this section to your, following the previous example:
STORAGE = 'Firebase'
   'data_url': '',
   'secret': '6F51OL7rAOBCcq2sU36cAHh0z01Vneq29LpQkx58',
   'email': ''}

You can find your secret from your project page (which is the same as the data_url) and click on the bottom left on "secrets". You can either use the one there or create a new one.

Start your bot in text mode: errbot -T to give it a shot.

If you want to migrate from the local storage to firebase, you should be able to backup your data (with STORAGE commented) then restore it back with STORAGE uncommented.