Internet Explorer's i18n Strings For Error Messages
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Internet Explorer's i18n Strings For Error Messages

This is a repository of the i18n resources of error messages in Internet Explorer (10).

These have been extracted painstakingly by the awesome Rajasekharan Vengalil, from IE's DLLs. I've detailed the process below, to the best of my understanding.

  • Get a Windows 7 box
  • Put IE10 on it
  • Download and install all the language packs from here
  • Use Resource Hacker to extract the “String Table” resources from all the jscript.dll.mui files

In addition to the steps above, I've also converted the files from their original encoding of UCS2 (UTF16LE) to UTF8 before putting it up here.

Read the blog post.

Format of the files

  • The files are named by their locale names.
  • Everything before the first , (comma) is the ID of the error message, and helps you build a mapping between the language files.
  • The stuff after that first comma is the i18n error string.

Easy peasy!