A performance benchmark for Adobe AIR in the style of an Endless Runner game.
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A performance benchmark for Adobe AIR in the style of an Endless Runner game.

Runner Mark is designed to compare rendering performance of GPU Render Mode, and the various Stage3D 2D Frameworks such as ND2D, Starling and Genome2D.

Runner Mark aims to simulate multiple types of simultaneous load, similar to what you would see in a typical game.

Specifically, RunnerMark includes the following elements:

  • 1 Main character with a run animation
  • Enemies with a “Chomp” animation
  • 1 stationary background image (sky)
  • 2 Parallax scrolling backgrounds
  • Scrolling Ground Tiles
  • Scrolling Platforms
  • ~30 small dust sprites as your character runs, to simulate some level of a particles
  • Rudimentary AI and hit detection for all characters

Scoring System

RunnerMark awards 580pts for rendering the basic scene at a solid 58 FPS. Then 1 additional point for each animated Enemy added to the scene.

As an example, a score of 650 would indicate the basic scene @ 58fps + 70 animated Enemies. A score of 400, indicates the basic scene was only able to render at 40fps, and no Enemy's were added at all.

Target Frameworks

The following rendering engines are currently supported:

  • GPU Render Mode (renderMode=gpu)
  • Starling
  • ND2D
  • Genome2D

Haxe NME

Thanks to Philippe we also have a Haxe NME Version! https://github.com/elsassph/nme-runnermark

Haxe NME creates a highly optimized native application, so it's an excellent measuring stick for the Stage3D based frameworks.



Check the bin folder for some Android binaries.

iOS binaries must be compiled manually in order to specify the correct provisioning files for your device.