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🎯 Darty

Darty is a front-end development system to allow developers to start their projects immediately. By Darty's convention over configuration mindset, webpack and typescript compiler configurations are handled by darty's itself.

This project is the product of many years of iterative development and combined community knowledge. However you're free to architect your code in the way that you want, you'll be starting with a structured, scaleable and adaptable basecode.


The project was named as Dart after the dart game all we know. Although I think it's a generic name, authorities from Google have claimed dart is a trademarked name they own. They asked me to find a new name for this project. Otherwise, they stated that their legal or trademark teams will be involved.

Sadly... that's the reason why I renamed this project as darty.

-- Eser


  • Transforms ES2015+Typescript files with .ts/.tsx extension into browser-compatible JavaScript code.
  • Module bundling for packing everything into modules with their sourcemaps.
  • Dynamic code splitting.
  • SASS compilation of .scss files.
  • CSS Modules.
  • Minification for stylesheets and scripts.
  • Hot module reloading and continuous development environment.
  • Isomorphic/Universal codebase between server and client.
  • Server-side rendering.
  • IntelliSense support on TypeScript.
  • Unit-testing setup and TDD-ready environment.
  • JavaScript and TypeScript linting.
  • Autoprefixed CSS to avoid adding vendor prefixes.
  • Containerization-ready for continuous integration/deployment environments.

Fixed and Extensible Parts

Static components are:

  • Jest for tests, ESLint for linting.
  • Webpack for module bundling.
  • express for server-side rendering.

The rest are depends on the preset chosen.

React preset broughts react components and setup, Vue preset broughts vue setup and etc.

Quick start

Ensure that node.js is installed on your system first.

Alternative 1

Use the following command to create app with create-darty-app:

npx create-darty-app react app
cd app
npm run dev

Alternative 2

Clone a sample app's git repo git clone https://github.com/eserozvataf/darty-react-app.git - and checkout the tagged release you'd like to use.

Execute npm install to install dependencies. Then run npm run dev for starting development environment.

Darty Tasks

Use darty [task] command in project folder to execute tasks defined in package.json.

Task Description
bundle Builds the project, generates required files
bundle:prod Builds the project, generates required files (production)
start Starts SSR-enabled express server
dev Enables live development environment powered by hot module reloading
lint Executes linter to check codebase against linting errors
test Runs tests to check codebase against unit testing scenerios
containerize Creates containerization files and gives instructions for docker

Todo List

  • Eject
  • BrowserSync support
  • Service Workers

See GitHub Projects for more.



Apache 2.0, for further details, please see LICENSE file


See contributors.md

It is publicly open for any contribution. Bugfixes, new features and extra modules are welcome.

  • To contribute to code: Fork the repo, push your changes to your fork, and submit a pull request.
  • To report a bug: If something does not work, please report it using GitHub Issues.

To Support

Visit my patreon profile at patreon.com/eserozvataf