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Co-authored-by: Milos Djermanovic <>
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All of these options give you fine-grained control over how ESLint treats your code.

## Table of Contents

* [Specifying Parser Options](#specifying-parser-options)
* [Specifying Parser](#specifying-parser)
* [Specifying Processor](#specifying-processor)
* [Specifying Environments](#specifying-environments)
* [Specifying Globals](#specifying-globals)
* [Configuring Plugins](#configuring-plugins)
* [Configuring Rules](#configuring-rules)
* [Disabling Rules with Inline Comments](#disabling-rules-with-inline-comments)
* [Configuring Inline Comment Behaviors](#configuring-inline-comment-behaviors)
* [Adding Shared Settings](#adding-shared-settings)
* [Using Configuration Files](#using-configuration-files-1)
* [Configuration File Formats](#configuration-file-formats)
* [Configuration Cascading and Hierarchy](#configuration-cascading-and-hierarchy)
* [Extending Configuration Files](#extending-configuration-files)
* [Configuration Based on Glob Patterns](#configuration-based-on-glob-patterns)
* [Comments in Configuration Files](#comments-in-configuration-files)
* [Ignoring Files and Directories](#ignoring-files-and-directories)
* [Personal Configuration File (deprecated)](#personal-configuration-file-deprecated)

## Specifying Parser Options

ESLint allows you to specify the JavaScript language options you want to support. By default, ESLint expects ECMAScript 5 syntax. You can override that setting to enable support for other ECMAScript versions as well as JSX by using parser options.

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