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Archipelago Commons Documentation Repository

This repository holds the source for the Official Archipelago Documentation.

We recommend you use the Official Documentation site, but you can also find here the same documentation on Github as Markdown pages.

The Legacy homepage of the Github Documentation version can be found here.

What is Archipelago

Archipelago Commons, or simply Archipelago, is an evolving Open Source Digital Objects Repository / DAM Server Architecture based on the popular CMS Drupal 8/9 and released under GPL V.3 License.

Archipelago is a mix of deeply integrated custom-coded Drupal modules (made with care by us) and a curated and well-configured Drupal instance, running under a discrete and well-planned set of service containers.

Archipelago was dreamt as a multi-tenant, distributed, capable system (as its name suggests!) and can live isolated or in flocks of similar deployments, sharing storage, services, or -- even better -- just the discovery layer. Learn more about the different Software Services used by Archipelago.

Archipelago's primary focus is to serve the greater GLAM community by providing a flexible, consistent, and unified way of describing, storing, linking, exposing metadata and media assets. We respect identities and existing workflows. We endeavor to design Archipelago in ways that empower communities of every size and shape.

Finally, Archipelago tries to stay humble, slim, and nimble in nature with a small code base full of inline comments and @todos. All of our work is driven by a clear and concise but thoughtful planned technical roadmap --updated in tandem with new releases.


Archipelago welcomes and appreciates any type of contribution, from use cases and needs, questions, documentation, devops and configuration and -- of course -- code, fixes, or new features. To make the process less painful, we recommend you first to read our documentation and deploy a local instance. After that please follow this set of guidelines to help you get started.

Caring & Coding + Fixing


This software is a Metropolitan New York Library Council Open-Source initiative and part of the Archipelago Commons project.




Archipelago Commons' ever evolving Documentation Repository


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