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Have a look at the challenges proposed for the 2019 edition of ECMWF's Summer of Weather Code.
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The Summer of Weather Code(ESoWC) programme by the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) is a collabrative online programme to promote the development of weather-related open-source software.

Overview of ESoWC 2019 projects and participants

# Project Participant Mentor
1 Python-based interface to ECMWF's Intergrated Forecasting System single model column @tibi77 @mlange05, @marsdeno
2 GIS-based dissolve functionalities using GRASS GIS @mundialis @latimau, @calumbaugh
3 BVtk: scientific visualization inside Blender @LorenzoCelli, Antonella Guidazzoli, @simboden, Gabriele Brizzi, Enzo Papandrea @sylvielamythepaut, @milanavuckovic, @joaquinval
4 Obtaining online aircraft metadata @michiboo @bruceingleby, @mohameddahoui
5 Extend ecPoint-PyCal for conditional verification applications @onyb @fatimapillosu

ESoWC 2019 challenges with a focus on machine-learning (supported by Copernicus)

# Project Participant Mentor
1 Machine learning to better predict and understand drought @tommylees112, @gabrieltseng @cvitolo, @jwagemann, @StephanSiemen
2 MATEHIW - MAchine learning TEchniques for High-Impact Weather @lkugler, @seblehner @cvitolo, @jwagemann, @StephanSiemen
3 Data-driven feature selection towards improving forecast-based prediction of wildfire hazard @mariajoaosousa, @ricardomaia300, @eduardogfma @cvitolo, @jwagemann, @StephanSiemen

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