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@wujiangang wujiangang released this May 5, 2017 · 281 commits to master since this release


  1. Fix and update the license;
  2. Add definitions of ROM functions;
  3. Add efuse mac crc, save efuse mac into the system parameter area of flash, as a backup mac;
  4. Implement uart_div_modify, which can support a 32-bit DivLatchValue in the SDK instead of the ROM one, and also remove uart_div_modify from the ld file;
  5. Reduce iRAM usage by transferring some functions to flash;
    • add weak function void user_spi_flash_dio_to_qio_pre_init(void). If the dio to qio flash mode is not used, users can add an empty user_spi_flash_dio_to_qio_pre_init on the application side to reduce iRAM usage;
  6. Fix WDT in system_restart;
  7. Fix Write & Read issue in SPI overlap mode;
  8. Support 8MB & 16MB spi flash;
  9. Update boot v1.7;
    • Support 8MB & 16MB spi flash;
    • Try boot the first bin for 3 times. If it fails, then boot the backup bin;
  10. Fix http packet error, BBP301;
  11. Support long periods of deep sleep;
  12. Fix NMI handle crash on unaligned memory access, BBP309;


  1. Add set and get dns server APIs:
    • espconn_dns_setserver
    • espconn_dns_getserver
  2. Fix 2038 overflow bug in sntp_get_current_timestamp;
  3. Fix MTU negotiate bug;


  1. Add new commands, AT+UART? and AT+UART_DEF?;
  2. Add new command, AT+SYSRAM?;
  3. Add new commands, AT+SYSIO series;
  4. Add new command, AT+CWHOSTNAME;
  5. Add new command, AT+SYSADC?;
  6. Add new commands, AT+CIPSNTPCFG and AT+CIPSNTPTIME;
  7. Add new commands, AT+CIPDNS_CUR and AT+CIPDNS_DEF;
  8. Support a maximum of 8 stations;
  9. Modify keepalive count to 3 times;
  10. Fix scan hidden ssid issue in AT+CWLAP;
  11. Fix the issue of the UART stop bit being 0 when queried for the first time;
  12. Fix MAC addr conflict in AP+STA mode;
  13. Add new commands, AT+RFAUTOTRACE;


  1. Optimize the RF frequency calibration workflow, having the frequency trace disabled by default;
    • users can call system_phy_freq_trace_enable in user_rf_pre_init to enable it;
  2. Update libphy.a to version 1134_0;
  3. Allow sending a broadcast ESP-NOW packet, but make sure that the packet is unencrypted;
  4. Fix soft queue error;
  5. Fix EVENT_STAMODE_AUTHMODE_CHANGE event mode info;
  6. Fix lmac assert;
  7. Fix bug in sniffer mode;
  8. Fix arp loss continously issue;
  9. Fix bug in WiFi event;
    • auth mode changed event cannot be throw when station is in the process of scanning;
    • error old auth mode and new auth mode;
    • op mode change process cannot be blocked, so add an event to notify the caller that op mode is changed;
  10. Fix the bug in mic failure handler;
  11. Fix the bug which causes failure of connection to an AP with shared WEP;
  12. Fix the bug which causes failure of connection to an AP with hidden ssid;
  13. Fix softAP deauth;
  14. Fix reconnect policy when trying to connect to an AP that does not exist;
  15. Fix scan issue;
  16. Fix extra bytes in UDP broadcast packet, BBP310;
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