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@wujiangang wujiangang released this Jun 8, 2018 · 119 commits to release/v2.2.x since this release


  1. Fix an issue that system relative time is not accurate
  2. Fix max bin sectors error in upgrade since rf cal sector should be reversed


  1. Fix light sleep issues of high current and fail to sleep in some cases
  2. Fix eapol resend mechanism in softAP
  3. Fix WPS validate configuration for some special routers
  4. Revise API description of wifi_set_country and wifi_get_country

Lwip & espconn

  1. [Lwip] Update MACADDR & IP after send DHCP ACK
  2. [espconn] Fix SSL/TLS connection set/clear opt error when using mbedtls library


  1. Fix station connecting behavior after upgrading from an old version
  2. Fix wrong SSID query when the length of SSID is 32 bytes
  3. Optimize AT+CIUPDATE behavior
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