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@wujiangang wujiangang released this Apr 2, 2018 · 1733 commits to master since this release


  1. Memory optimization
    1.1. Support puting .rodata into flash, with modifications of ld file;
    1.2. Modify to use 16KB Cache mode, and the saved 16KB iRAM are used as heap region;
  2. Update to use heap_5.c from FreeRTOS, support multi heap pools;
  3. Update boot to version 1.7:
    3.1. boot currently use bin 3 times,if all fail, turn to boot the bin of last user;
    3.2. Support 8MB & 16MB SPI Flash;
  4. Update ld file, put .rodata in some libs to SPI Flash by default;
  5. Add gcc flag -fno-jump-tables to reduce .rodata usage;
  6. Support eon SPI Flash, dio -> qio mode;
  7. Support 8MB & 16MB SPI flash;
  8. Remove mesh support;
  9. Use gcc to compile all libs;
  10. Show stack info when exception occur;
  11. Improve dio -> qio function of some SPI Flash;
  12. Modify rom ld, export some low level functions;
  13. Fix some os_ macro;
  14. Fix deep sleep crash issue;
  15. Fix wdt crash issue in some cases;


  1. Fix the issue of hw_timer;
  2. Fix the issue of SPI tx/rx data sometimes wrong;
  3. Fix the issue of setting UART flow control;


  1. Add websocket demo;
  2. Add wifi_station_machine_demo;
  3. Add openssl server demo;
  4. Add openssl client demo;
  5. Add mqtt demo;



  1. Add dhcp options;
  2. Enable ETHARP_TRUST_IP_MAC in lwipopt.h;
  3. Modify dhcp/dhcps timer from 60 seconds to 1 second;
  4. Remove time() function in lwip;
  5. Rebind UDP pcb when IP changed;
  6. Fix the error of socket macro definition;
  7. Fix the connection issue of multi-clients;
  8. Fix the issue of containing more than one tcp pbuf in single tx packet;
  9. Fix lwip slow timer delay more than one second;
  10. Fix mss_local is always subtract the IPv6 header size;
  11. Fix multi-thread issues;


  1. Add source codes of espconn;


  1. Fix ECP memory leak;


  1. Add openssl wrap layer;
  2. Add ssl_pm_extend.c for nopoll;


  1. Add phao mqtt support, include SSL;


  1. Update libphy to version 1055_1;
  2. Save PMK to SPI flash, improve the station connect speed;
  3. Modify scan API, support to scan more info.;
  4. Add the description of vendor IE API;
  5. Add beacon & probe response freq IE;
  6. Add the support of CSA;
  7. Add WiFi station keep alive support;
  8. Add passive & active scan support;
  9. Add country code APIs;
  10. Add support of packets forward in softAP mode;
  11. Fix the bug of mic failure handler;
  12. Fix the issue of group key update;
  13. Fix WPA/WPA2 PTK/GTK; reinstallation vulnerability;
  14. Fix the bug of scan hidden AP;
  15. Fix some potential memory leak;
  16. Fix WiFi tx/rx status wrong which will cause LmacRxBlk:0 error;
  17. Fix WDT when call espnow delete;
  18. Fix wrong behavior of WiFi set MAC address;
  19. Fix WPS connect issue for ELECON router;
  20. Fix short of eapol resend mechanism in softAP;
  21. Fix the send issue caused by low priority of pm task;
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