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libat_core.a is AT Command Core, and it is the core of AT command, including the default AT instruction set, the AT command parsing, execution and responding. The lib contains 4 kinds of command, such as AT+TEST=?, AT+TEST?, AT+TEST=“abc” and AT+TEST. It supports custom AT commands based on the lib and related APIs, and ones can also define input and output medium, like uart, spi, socket, bt, etc.

The demo is the AT command set based on uart. You can replace the uart driver with other drivers whichever you want to use. But maybe you have to make some changes to run the new driver. In addition, you can add some custom AT commands in at_custom_cmd like AT+CIUPDATE if necessary.


libat_core.a 是 AT 命令集的核心部分, 包含默认的 AT 指令集, 具有 AT 命令解析、 执行和回复功能. 在此库中,可以处理 AT+TEST=?AT+TEST?AT+TEST=“abc”AT+TEST 4 种格式的指令集. 可以根据相关 API 自定义命令, 并且还可以定义输入输出介质, 比如 uart, spi, socket, bt 等等.

此工程是基于 uart 实现的命令集,如果需要,你可以使用其它驱动程序替换掉 uart 驱动,为了使用新的驱动程序,可能必须做一些必要的代码改动. 另外,如果需要,你可以仿照 AT+CIUPDATEat_custom_cmd 中添加自定义命令.

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