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ESP RainMaker Android App

This is the official Android app for ESP RainMaker, an end-to-end solution offered by Espressif to enable remote control and monitoring for ESP32-S2 and ESP32 based products without any configuration required in the Cloud.

For more details :

  • Please check the ESP RainMaker documentation here to get started.
  • Try out this app in Play Store.


To build this app, you will need a development machine, with Android Studio installed.

To get this app please clone this repository using the below command and open this project in Android Studio:

 git clone

You are now ready to run this demo.


User Management

  • Signup/Signin using email id.
  • Third party login includes GitHub and Google.
  • Forgot/reset password support.
  • Signing out.
  • Delete user.


  • Uses Provisioning library for provisioning.
  • Automatically connects to device using QR code.
  • Can choose manual flow if QR code is not present.
  • Shows list of available Wi-Fi networks.
  • Supports SoftAP based Wi-Fi Provisioning.
  • Performs the User-Node association workflow.


  • List all devices associated with a user.
  • Shows node and device details.
  • Capability to remove node of a user.
  • Shows online/offline status of nodes.


  • Shows all static and configurable parameters of a device.
  • Adapt UI according to the parameter type like toggle for power, slider for brightness.
  • Allow user to change and monitor parameters of devices.

Local Control

  • App uses ESP Local Control(esp_local_ctrl) component in ESP-IDF and Network Service Discovery APIs to search and manage user devices on local network.
  • This feature allows user to control their ESP devices over local network by communicating over Wi-Fi + HTTP.
  • Local Control ensures your devices are reachable even when your internet connection is poor or there is no internet over connected Wi-Fi.

This feature can be enabled/disabled by setting true/false value of isLocalControlSupported field in This feature is optional but enabled by default. Add isLocalControlSupported=false in file to disable this feature.


Schedules allow you to automate a device by setting it to trigger an action at a given time on a specified day or days of the week. List of operations that are supported for scheduling :

  • Add.
  • Edit.
  • Remove.
  • Enable/disable.

Schedule can be enabled/disabled by setting true/false value of isScheduleSupported field in Schedule feature is optional but enabled by default. Add isScheduleSupported=false in file to disable this feature.


Scene is a group of parameters with specific values, for one or more devices (optionally) spanning across multiple nodes. As an example, an "Evening" scene may turn on all the lights and set them to a warm colour. A "Night" scene may turn off all the lights, turn on a bedside lamp set to minimal brightness and turn on the fan/ac. List of operations that are supported for scene :

  • Add.
  • Edit.
  • Remove.
  • Activate.

Scene can be enabled/disabled by setting true/false value of isSceneSupported field in Scene feature is optional but enabled by default. Add isSceneSupported=false in file to disable this feature.

Node Grouping

Node Grouping allows you to create abstract or logical groups of devices like lights, switches, fans etc. List of operations that are supported in node grouping :

  • Create groups.
  • Edit groups (rename or add/remove device).
  • Remove groups.
  • List groups.

Grouping can be enabled/disabled by setting true/false value of isNodeGroupingSupported field in Grouping feature is optional but enabled by default. Add isNodeGroupingSupported=false in file to disable this feature.

Node Sharing

Node Sharing allows a user to share nodes with other registered users and allow them to monitor and control these nodes. List of operations that are supported in node sharing :

For primary users:

  • Register requests to share nodes.
  • View pending requests.
  • Cancel a pending request, if required.
  • Remove node sharing.

For secondary users:

  • View pending requests.
  • Accept/decline pending requests.

Sharing can be enabled/disabled by setting true/false value of isNodeSharingSupported field in Sharing feature is optional but enabled by default. Add isNodeSharingSupported=false in file to disable this feature.

Alexa App to App Linking

This account linking flow enables users to link their Alexa user identity with their RainMaker identity by starting from Rainmaker app. When they start the account linking flow from the app, users can:

  • Discover their Alexa skill through the app.
  • Initiate skill enablement and account linking from within the app.
  • Link their account without entering Alexa account credentials if already logged into Alexa app. They will have to login to Rainmaker once, when trying to link accounts.
  • Link their account from your RainMaker using Login with Amazon (LWA), when the Alexa app isn't installed on their device.

Additional Settings:

Settings associated with provisioning a device can be modified in the file.

Add below lines in and customize as per your requirement.


Description of each key can be found below.

Key Type Description
transport String Possible values:
Both (Default) : Supports both BLE and SoftAP device provisioning.
SoftAP : supports only SoftAP device provisioning.
BLE: supports only BLE device provisioning.
security String Possible values:
Sec1 (Default) : for secure/encrypted communication between device and app.
Sec0: for unencrypted communication between device and app.
POP String Proof of Possession. It's default value is empty string.
deviceNamePrefix String Search for BLE devices with this prefix in scanning. It's default value is "PROV_".
isFilterPrefixEditable boolean Allow users to edit the prefix used for filtering BLE devices. It's default value is true.
isQRCodeSupported boolean Allow users to connect with the device and start provisioning using QR code which has device information. It's default value is true.


  • Supports Android 6.0 (API level 23) and above.


Copyright 2020 Espressif Systems (Shanghai) PTE LTD  
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");  
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.  
You may obtain a copy of the License at  
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software  
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,  
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and  
limitations under the License.