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ESP Rainmaker VS Code Support

ESP-IDF VS Code Extension comes pre package with ESP Rainmaker support, and you can start using it out of the box


You need to have a ESP32-S2 board and ESP Rainmaker Account, if you don't have these please refer here

Connect your Account from VS Code

  • Click on Espressif Logo on VS Code (left)
  • Inside ESP Rainmaker Section, click Connect Account
  • You need to select user id and password based login or you can use OAuth for accessing your account as well (currently we support Google, Apple & Github as our OAuth Provider)
  • Once login is successful you can view your devices and nodes associated with the account

For OAuth you will be asked to provide permission to vscode to open url and you also need to provide permission to the broswer to open vscode back once the OAuth flow is done.

Update Device Params

  • Click on the edit button next to param name inside a device
  • A popup will appear with current value filled in
  • Update that value to desired value, and press enter

Update params just post update request to the ESP32-S2 device via cloud and actual reflection might take some time

Upcoming Features

  • Auto provisioning of chip and connect with Rainmaker Backend from VS Code itself
  • OTA update mechanism from VS Code