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@omersiar omersiar released this Nov 29, 2019

Merge pull request #338 from frenchie71/tworelayfix

adding compiled websources for Two Relays feature
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@omersiar omersiar released this Nov 6, 2019

This is just for testing.

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@omersiar omersiar released this Jun 22, 2019

This release addresses an issue with the v1.3.1 Test Version release, the git version of Arduino Core for ESP8266 causing code to not load.

Refer #278

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@omersiar omersiar released this Jun 21, 2019

Thanks community for the their contributions to esp-rfid.
Special thanks to @marelab for improving MQTT functionality further.

[1.3.1] Test-Release 2019-06-21


  • [firmware] Support for Door Status tracking with log and mqtt options @nardev
  • [firmware] adding mqtt_publish_info, generateUid functions @nardev
  • [firmware] MQTT functionality is greatly improved, thanks to @marelab

Some key features for this release:
Reading all user data over MQTT
Sending User data to RFID-DOOR/ESP-RFID over MQTT
Sending door open command over MQTT
Sending door status over MQTT as event
Sending Sync of a RFID-DOOR (IP/Hostname) over MQTT
Configure Sync interval over ESP-RFID GUI
Deleting all User of a ESP-RFID device over MQTT
Sending log event & access data over MQTT


  • [firmware] Renaming some variable names @nardev
  • [firmware] order of settings in web and hr lines @nardev


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@omersiar omersiar released this Jan 28, 2019

[1.0.2] 2019-01-28

Thanks community for the contributions
Special thanks to @Pako2 and @donatmarko.

BREAKING CHANGES (These changes will break your data on device, please make sure made a backup, also you can not use your old settings on this release but only can restore user data)


  • [firmware] Open/Close Button support @donatmarko
  • [firmware] Logging Open/Close Button @donatmarko
  • [firmware] the VERSION string is now defined at the beginning of main.cpp @Pako2
  • [firmware] #218 Added latching relay support @donatmarko
  • [firmware] #189 Flash layout changed to 2MB Firmware / 2MB SPIFFS Data @Pako2
  • [firmware] Support for RDM6300 RFID readers (125kHz, UART) #163 @arduino12 / concurrently by @Pako2
  • [firmware] debug firmware for debugging purposes
  • [tools] executables for tools (no longer need to have node js and gulp for web ui development - only lightly tested)
  • [firmware] LED_BUILTIN lights up while wifi connected and flashes when it waits for wifi @Pako2
  • [webui] IP address choice option in AP mode @Pako2
  • [webui] favicon.ico @Pako2
  • [tools] websocket emulator can now store new configuration temporarly
  • [firmware] log for firmware update #152
  • [webui] Expired access attempts logged as "Expired"


  • [firmware] UART Monitor speed @donatmarko
  • [firmware] avoid double Serial.begin @Pako2
  • [firmware] removing redundant terminating null character @Pako2
  • [firmware] fix the loadconfiguration loop @Pako2
  • [firmware] not able to connect MQTT server #157 @fivosg
  • [firmware] a MQTT message typo #157 @wamboin23
  • [webui] some breaks on web pages
  • [webui] usage of !important CSS rule
  • [firmware] #191 relay type inversion @Pako2
  • [firmware] #190 Increase PN532::WaitReady debug level @Pako2
  • [firmware] validuntil is being ignored #151
  • [firmware] the boot loop when ssid is empty on configuration file (actually more a workaround than a fix) #154


  • [firmware] unify output format debug print of PICC @Pako2
  • [firmware] Improve onWsEvent() function @Pako2
  • [build] Change release type to a zip file (was tar.gz before)
  • [webui] scrollbar on desktop screens (now hidden)
  • [webui] sidebar colors (i hope you like it, standart bootstrap color)
  • [webui] sanity check for firmware update file #152
  • [firmware] lock MFRC522 library to version 1.4.1
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Jan 15, 2019
pio Lib Version error, lock on commit instead
Jan 9, 2019
update Changelog

@omersiar omersiar released this Sep 1, 2018



  • [firmware] Global websocket message to inform ws clients to toggle relay (upcoming client version will use it)
  • [webui] incremental id for event log


  • [webui] available flash space calculation
  • [webui] #143 duplicate records on User Data backup
  • [firmware] #140 MQTT Heartbeat
  • [webui] official board's hardware settings did not populate


  • [firmware] do not initialize serial output unless we are debugging
  • [build] slice main.cpp to multiple parts for better readability
  • [webui] Access Type Active to Always
  • [firmware] more reliable activation of relay
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@omersiar omersiar released this Aug 9, 2018


!!!! Breaking Changes

  • [firmware] Flash partition is changed to 1+3 !!! You need to backup your settings and users before updating to this version
  • [firmware] For wiegand readers card id's changed hexadecimal to decimal !!! You need to change hexadecimal values to decimal values on your user backup file if you have wiegand reader.


  • [build] Optimize code for official board
  • [firmware] mqtt boot, hearthbeat, access message added


  • [firmware] #128 Do not retain MQTT publishes
  • [firmware] some compile time warnings fixed


  • [webui] Default wifi type to AP
  • [firmware] MQTT Messages are now plain JSON encoded texts
  • [build] flash.bat file now asks which firmware to flash
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@omersiar omersiar released this Jul 13, 2018

[0.7.6] - 2018-07-13


  • [firmware] #98 WDT Reset
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