Live OWL Documentation Environment, to convert OWL ontologies into HTML human-readable pages.
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Live OWL Documentation Environment (LODE)

This repository is a Tomcat server application that can be used to create HTML documentation for Web Ontology Language (OWL) ontologies.

Example usage:

  1. Launch application:

    mvn clean jetty:run

  2. Test

Try running LODE with the following ontologies:

  • DOLCE ontology
    • http://localhost:8080/lode/extract?url=
  • PROMS ontology
    • contained here in the file proms.ttl
    • it is a very tiny ontology visualised online using LODE at
    • You can run try using a local instance of LODE to generate HTML for the local copy of PROMS and compare it with the online version made by the PROMS creator


Silvio Peroni