lacks import/export es6 statement support #24

stefanpenner opened this Issue Feb 12, 2014 · 6 comments

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Love this library, I have a hacked branch that makes this "sort of work", but would love real es6 module support.


Have a related PR in to esprima: ariya/esprima#216


👍 I'm trying to get ES6 support using eslint and esprima's Harmony branch, but I'm blocked by this library not supporting it.

@stefanpenner is your branch usable? I'm trying to get an MVP version together that forks all these libraries for ES6 support, with the ultimate goal of using it in ember-cli builds until official ES6 support comes along.


@stefanpenner is your branch usable?

I'm not sure what happened to it. That being said, most of the tooling supports this syntax now, i suspect this can be closed?

ECMAScript Tooling member

@elwayman02 @stefanpenner

estraverse is now supporting import and export declaration completely :)

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Sorry for not closing this issue. @stefanpenner thank you very much.


@Constellation no worries, keep up the good work!

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