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A ZooKeeper "personality" for etcd. Point a ZooKeeper client at zetcd to dispatch the operations on an etcd cluster.

Protocol encoding and decoding heavily based on go-zookeeper.

Getting started

Running zetcd

Forward ZooKeeper requests on :2181 to an etcd server listening on localhost:2379:

go get
zetcd --zkaddr --endpoints localhost:2379

Simple testing with zkctl:

go get
zkctl watch / &
zkctl create /abc "foo"

Running zetcd on Docker

Official docker images of tagged zetcd releases for containerized environments are hosted at Use docker run to launch the zetcd container with the same configuration as the go get example:

docker run --net host -t -endpoints localhost:2379


In cross-checking mode, zetcd dynamically tests a fresh isolated "candidate" zetcd cluster against a fresh isolated ZooKeeper "oracle" cluster for divergences. This mode dispatches requests to both zetcd and ZooKeeper, then compares the responses to check for equivalence. If the responses disagree, it is flagged in the logs. Use the flags -zkbridge to configure a ZooKeeper endpoint and -oracle zk to enable checking.

Cross-check zetcd's ZooKeeper emulation with a native ZooKeeper server endpoint at localhost:2182 like so:

zetcd --zkaddr --endpoints localhost:2379 --debug-zkbridge localhost:2182  --debug-oracle zk --logtostderr -v 9



See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


zetcd is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.