A community powered list of programs that work (and those that don't) on the Windows subsystem for Linux
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Latest commit 3d73393 Feb 23, 2017 @gabefair gabefair committed with add firefox to the list (#69)
* add firefox to the list

Firefox does not work:
`Sandbox: unexpected multithreading found; this prevents using namespace sandboxing.  Error: GDK_BACKEND does not match available displays`

* Updated info and score to reflect semi-working

using x server allows firefox to run



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A community powered list of programs that work (and those that don't) on the Windows subsystem for Linux. The official Microsoft repository for filing bugs etc is located here. This repo complements the offical one by providing a quick reference for how well programs run.

Please feel free to contribute programs you have tested to the table below. If you need help with the markdown, please review a primer

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Important Note

Because this list is community powered, the maintainer does not hold any responsibility for the accuracy of the contents of this repository. Your mileage may vary.

The list:

Program Name apt name Functionality rating (0-5) website Notes Windows Build #
ADB 2 android-adb-tools Installs; see this image for example, requires adb on Windows too.
Anaconda 4 Continuum.io Simple commands work after getting listed WSL build, symlinks issue has been fixed 14393
Apache server apache2 2 Must use a loopback for networking, buggy
apt 3 Problems with autoremove, remove, and --fix-missing
apt-fast 0 ilikenwf/apt-fast Depends on aria2c. 14901.1000
aria2c aria2 3 Does not resolve domains, must use IP addresses. Possibly c-ares related 14901.1000
bash+ 3 Most functionality exists but there are problems with scripts
blackfire.io 0 Error while trying to listen for connections on 'unix:///var/run/blackfire/agent.sock'
byobu 3 Need to toggle the byobu charmap (run /usr/lib/byobu/include/toggle-utf8 or export BYOBU_CHARMAP=x ; . ~/.bashrc). Status bar occasionally disappears. 14901.1000
c-ares libc-ares2 0 Does not resolve domains to ip addresses. 14901.1000
cargo 4 rust-lang.org Correctly recognizes and downloads dependencies on basic projects. Needs testing with larger projects. 14393.67
curl 4 curl -sS tested
composer 5 doesn't seem to have issues, but could use more test.
Coq 4 Installed without issue, needs more testing. 14393
docker 0 doesn't run / says not installed
emacs 3 works in terminal mode with many development packages installed both from elpa and Github repositories through el-get, but is slow when using commands that check or revert many buffers (e.g. magit). Attempting to start on X hangs. 14366
firefox firefox 3 Able to get working using firefox on X server. Sandbox eror unexpected multithreading found, this prevents using namespace sandboxing. Error GDK_BACKEND does not match available displays 14393
fish 5 works fine
fortune 5 works fine
fsharp 4 Installed without issue, needs more testing. To use fsi (F# Interactive) fsharpi 14393
gazebo 3 Very laggy tested. Requries X11 server like VcXsrv and setting a few environment variables
gcc build-essential 4 more testing needed
ghc ghc 4 Haskell on Bash Needs more tests 15031
git 4 requires more testing, Basics work (clone, pull, push, fetch commit). Diff has some errors
GNOME Web epiphany-browser 4 How-to Works fine but the video is choppy 14393
gparted 2 Window opens and can be interacted with, but it can't find any devices and the close button doesn't work so you have to Ctrl + C in bash. Requires X server, only tested after dbus fix with VcXserv. 14393.187
grep 4 WARNING: PASSWORD MAY BE SHOWN IN PLAINTEXT;requires more testing see this issue for more.
haxe 5 Haxe Foundation PPA Compiles programs correctly, haxelib works fine too
heroku 5 Heroku CLI Installs and works as expected, tested app listing, logs, setting config
ifconfig 0 Unable to Access Network Interfaces (Should be localhost for all connections)
ip 0 Unable to Access Network Interfaces (Should be localhost for all connections)
ircii 1 terminal handling is broken, once the window fills, it only uses the bottom 3 lines
irssi 5 seems to work flawlessly
iwconfig 0 Unable to Access Network Interfaces (Should be localhost for all connections)
java 2 1.8 runs at minimum, seems to have some functionality at least
lynx 5 seems to work entirely
mount 2 unable to mount iso/cd-rom files
Maude 4 Installed without issue, needs more testing
make 3 basic scripts working, needs more extensive testing. Tabbing for commands gets broken pipe
MLton 0 BSOD 14393
Mongo Client 4 Works well connecting to mongod windows service
Mono mono-complete 4 Supported (more info). Instructions added to official documentation. Use 4.2 for now or 4.6 when released (4.4 has issues)
mtr 0 doesn't run
nano 3 Functions correctly, but does not display correctly
nasm 4 more testing needed
nethack 4 Need to run it from the /usr/games directory with "./nethack" and the default config it runs has numpad turned off so you have to use the unintuitive: y k u h l b j n
nginx+ 3 can bind to IPv4 only - needs some workarounds.
nmap 0 AF_Netsock options not implemented #1349
nuget 3 requires more testing
npm 4 some packages fail due to permissions
OCaml 3 Installed, needs more testing. Command used sudo apt-get install ocaml ocaml-interp 14393
OpenCoarrays 4 opencoarrays.org Installed from source but needs more testing. See the OpenCoarrays install instructions for more details
mysql 0 Fails to find .sock file
ping 1 Works if run as admin (not root), otherwise fails with ping: icmp open socket: Socket type not supported
pip+ 0 DO NOT INSTALL with --fix-missing. Breaks apt. See documentation
php5-cli 4 Working, needs more testing
php7.0 4 Installed without issue, needs more testing
python 5 Works even for very difficult and memory intensive workloads such as compiling PyPy 14366
pypy 5 Works even when translating itself 14366
qpidd 0 Starting the daemon fails with a socket error: "critical Unexpected error: Can't bind to port Invalid argument (qpid/sys/posix/Socket.cpp:206)"
R r-base 4 devtools, doParallel and foreach works. May be numerically a little different from other system. More tests needed. 14393
rbenv 4 works for the most part, but permissions of folders are wrong after installing (world writable), spawning warnings when running e.g. Rubygems 14366
reboot 0 Unable to shutdown system.
rsync 4 works with ssh tunneling and with same file system. Needs more testing
ruby 4 works for Sinatra and Rails development using C extension gems for the most part, but rails new testapp works with WeBrick (the default), but hangs with thin 14986
rustc 4 rust-lang.org Can compile basic programs. Needs testing with more complex programs 14393.67
Sage Math 4 http://www.sagemath.org/ Able to do a good portion of the Sage Math tutorial. There is a RunTime warning but does not stop Sage from working 15031
scp 5 works for both remote to local and local to remote transfers.
screen 0 Already installed. Gives permission denied if not sudouser and doesn't start if given permissions
sed 4 didn't test all options, but everything I tested worked fine.
SMLNJ 0 Installed. Will not start correctly. 14393
ssh 4 ssh -i works
ssh-keygen ssh 4 -t rsa working
sudo 5 appears to be working as expected
SWI-Prolog 4 Installed without issue, needs more testing. See: (Installing from PPA (Ubuntu Personal Package Archive)) 14393
swift 3 ? Everything except interactive shell works
tail 3 Will tail files, but 'follow' (-f) reports "tail: unrecognized file system type 0x53464846"
tcc 3 tcc run and scripted "#!/usr/bin/tcc -run" files work correctly
telnet 4 Further testing required
tensorflow 4 See Scott Hanselman's post
tesseract-ocr 4 No problems with command line usage
texlive 5 No problems so far 14366
tmux 4 Works well for the most part, mouse mode doesn't seem to work 14366
torproject tor 5 Tor is a free software that prevents people from learning your location or browsing habits by letting you communicate anonymously on the Internet. 14393
useradd 4 Users can be added but /etc/skel profile logout and bashrc files but no default directories
usermod 5 Seems to work correctly
vim+ 3 Will open and edit Window files it cannot create new files. Can create new linux files. Issues with colorschemes. Plugins don't work. Panes, buffers, and registers appear to be working correctly.
vsftpd 3 ? Not installed with apt
wget 3 Simple commands work. Have only run basic commands
xfce4-terminal 5 Seems to work perfectly well, except for not being able to connect to DBUS 14366
xorg 4 Requires Configuration and an X server on Windows
yum 0 doesn't work at all. will segfault on yum, hangs indefinitely with yum install
zsh 4 Simple commands work after getting listed WSL build, also checked oh-my-zsh 14393