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Eminer ethash miner

Optimized, high performance multiworker ethash miner written in Go language.




  • Fully support AMD and NVIDIA OpenCL devices
  • Free cloud monitoring and statistics service via https://cloud.eminer.net
  • Improved three OpenCL kernels
  • Asynchronous multiworker (windows only)
  • Support for Stratum and RPC clients with failover
  • Useful web dashboard
  • Historical metrics for last 24 hours, shares, hashrate and other informations
  • JSON API for stats and metrics
  • Support for AMD and NVIDIA hardware management (Temperature, fan speed, clock and other useful hw informations)
  • Support for nicehash stratum

And much more.

Multiworker Mode (windows only); search shares with multiple instances, this can be increase 1% ~ 2% share luck.

Cloud Dashboard Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/gwXBe


List Devices:

$ eminer -L

Benchmark mode:

$ eminer -B deviceid

Stratum mode:

$ eminer -S server:port -U yourwallet -P password 
(for nicehash or other stratum servers use -S stratum+tcp://server:port)

HTTP-RPC mode:

$ eminer -F http://localhost:8545

Cloud Monitoring:

--cloud-key <your-key>


$ eminer -h
Usage of eminer:
  -B int
    	Benchmark mode, set device id for benchmark (default -1)
  -F string
    	Farm mode with the work server at URL, use comma for multiple rpc server 
      (default "")
  -L	List GPU devices
  -M string
    	Run mine on selected devices, use comma for multiple devices (default "all")
  -N string
    	Name of your rig, the name will be use on dashboard, json-api, cloud service and stathat. 
      Some pools require rig name with extra parameter, this name will be send the pools.
  -P string
    	Password for stratum server
  -S <host>:<port>
    	Stratum mode, use comma for multiple stratum server (example: <host>:<port> 
      for nicehash or other stratum servers stratum+tcp://<host>:<port>)
  -U string
    	Username for stratum server
  -V int
    	Log level (0-5) (default 3)
  -cloud-key string
    	Set your cloud service key here to have stats about the rig from https://cloud.eminer.net, 
      you can create free key from the web site and use the same key for all your rigs.
  -cpu int
    	Set the maximum number of CPUs to use
  -dag-intensity int
    	DAG work size intensity (4-32) (default 32)
  -devfee-coin string
    	Set devfee default coin, it may reduce DAG changes. 
      Usable coins: ETH, ETC, UBQ, EXP, MUSIC
  -fan-percent string
    	Set fan speed percent on selected devices, 
      use comma for multiple devices (amd devices only)
    	Fixed diff for works, round solutions
  -http string
    	HTTP server for monitoring (read-only) for disable set "no" (default ":8550")
  -intensity string
    	GPU work size intensity (8-64), use comma for multiple devices (default 32)
  -kernel string
    	Select kernel for GPU devices, currently 3 kernels available, 
      use comma for multiple devices (1-3)
    	Disable devfee, this can be impact some performance reduces
    	Disable colorized output log format
  -stathat string
    	Set your stathat email address here to have some basic metrics from stathat.com web site
  -v	Version

Run eminer and & view the dashboard at http://localhost:8550

JSON-API Endpoints

  • GET /api/v1/stats
  • GET /api/v1/chartData


  • Alarms and more statistics
  • Better support hardware management
  • Cloud dashboard for all rigs


Dual mining; it has negative profit sometimes, more power consumption and more GPU temperature. Current status, more research and more test.

Donations ETH/ETC


The miner has 1% devfee, it never change for new features but you can disable anytime.