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Automatically generate/renew Let's Encrypt certificates with Certbot on NameSilo DNS
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LICENSE.txt Updated copyright. Mar 15, 2020

NameSilo Let's Encrypt

License (3-Clause BSD) Python 3.8

Python scripts (hook) to automate obtaining Let's Encrypt certificates, using Certbot DNS-01 challenge validation for domains DNS hosted on NameSilo.


The scripts use the untangle library, if not already installed on your system:

pip install untangle

Download the latest release archive and expand it in the desired directory.


Add your NameSilo API key to the top of the file:

# Get your API Key from:
apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"

Alternatively, the API key can be set in the NAMESILO_API environment variable.

Using with Certbot

To issue or renew a certificate using the hook scripts, try something like:

certbot certonly --manual --email \
--agree-tos --manual-public-ip-logging-ok \
--preferred-challenges=dns \
--manual-auth-hook /path/to/ \
--manual-cleanup-hook /path/to/ \
-d * -d

Please note that NameSilo DNS propagation takes up to 15 minutes. The scripts will wait 20 minutes before completing, just to be safe.

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