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Lock Manager
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Lock Manager BETA

This BETA is provided for testing purposes. If you are uncomfortable about figuring things out on your own, you should wait until a proper relase in the MASTER branch of this repository.

Questions like 'How do I install' are NOT proper questions for a beta release.

Feedback like 'this thing doesn't work' is highly appreciated, and will help lead to a release.


UNINSTALL all 1.x apps and device types before attepting an install of 2.0. Only install this software AFTER you've already uninstalled old versions of Lock Manager. I would recommend uninstalling instances of the app in the SmartThings IDE.


Ask in the Community Forum.


Create a Ticket in the Issue Tracker. (yes, even for feature requests)

Pull Requests are welcome.

Please donate

Donations are completely optional, but if this made your life easier, please consider donating.

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