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Petersburg Hard Fork

As you remember we failed with Constantinople, so we postponed it to the date when we are able to solve issues with notorious EIP-1283. Ethereum community and developers decided that the issues associated with EIP-1283 are damn complicated to solve and test, so we are finally getting Constantinople with the same changes we wanted before except EIP-1283. Unofficial name for this hard fork is Petersburg and it is going to happen on block 7,280,000 on the Mainnet. It includes following changes:

  • Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment (2 ETH)
  • Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM
  • Skinny CREATE2
  • EXTCODEHASH opcode

As regards to the Ropsten, which receives Constantinople weeks ago, it will receive same fork disabling EIP-1283 on block 4,939,394.
Update now and get smooth transition!

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