Latest release

ethminer 0.14.0

@chfast chfast released this May 15, 2018

Major features

  • Pool manager process introduced to centralize management functions common to all pool protocols. Stratum, getwork, and simulation protocols adapted to this new framework.
  • Secure TLS stratum pool connections now fully supported.
  • A new pool parameter allows specifying all pool specific attributes in a single URL specification. The pool parameter can be repeated to accommodate multiple pools that will be used in round-robin fashion. The following legacy parameters are still functional but are flagged as deprecated and will be removed from a future release: -F, --farm, -FF, -SF, -FS, --farm-failover, --stratum-failover, -S, --stratum, -O, --userpass, -SP, --stratum-protocol, --stratum-ssl, -FO, --failover-userpass, -u, --user, -p, --pass, -o, --port, -fu, --failover-user, -fp, --failover-pass, -fo, --failover-port
  • Expanded support for up to 32 GPUs.

Minor features

  • Support NO_COLOR environment variable standard to suppress ANSI color coding of log output.
  • Display connection IP address and port.
  • Display pool difficulty when it changes.
  • Log Etheminer version and last commit at startup.
  • Hardware monitor interval controlled with parameter.
  • Power consumption optionally logged. API enhanced to report power.
  • Display pool response time.
  • Make switch time display optional.

Bug Fixes

  • Support providing miner id as path part of the getwork URL.
  • Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes.
  • General log output cleanup.

Known Issues

  • Reconnection after link failures, sometimes results in endless loops, hung application, and or crash.