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@djrtwo djrtwo released this Oct 28, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release


Simple, yet delicious.

This release is primarily focused on simplifications to Phase 0 (#1329, #1428, #1443) in an effort to create an unbiased slate for the coming Phase 1 specifications. Specifically this cleans up Phase 0 in a minimally invasive way to ensure that the new sharding proposal can easily be built on top.

In addition to these state transition changes, a simple attestation aggregation strategy (#1440) has been added the validator and networking spec. This strategy specifies gossipsub subnets on which singular attestations are sent, and specifies which set of validators are selected as "aggregators" to broadcast to a global channel.

There has been a lot of work done on the Phase 1 and light client specs, but these specs are considered highly unstable and will be subject to large/breaking changes in the coming weeks. Currently, the Phase 1 tests have been removed from CI as they cannot be run in their current form.


PR showing full diff can be found here: #1453

Phase 0

Beacon chain

  • feature
    • alter beacon proposer selection logic (#1413)
    • add seed domains (#1415)
    • fix delay-based attestation inclusion reward (#1434)
    • use eth1_block_hash for initial randao_mix (#1447)
  • simplifications
    • remove active active_index_roots and compact_committees_roots from phase 0 (#1329)
    • remove shards/crosslinks from phase 0 (#1428)
    • remove transfers from phase 0 (#1443)

Fork choice

  • verify state root in fork choice tests and other minor fixes (#1454)



  • add simple attestation aggregation strategy (#1440)

Deposit contract

The Deposit Contract has undergone a number of small alterations (#1362) as well as formal verification since the latest release. It is stable and ready for production.

Simple Serialize

  • define summaries and expansions (#1360)
  • add clarifications on deserialization (#1381)


Warning: Bug exists in BLS hash to G2 in the current spec. The hash and increment approach will be deprecated after standardization so the bug is to be untouched for now_

Significant changes still expected as we standardize BLS12-381 across blockchains

Phase 1 spec (warning: not stable)

The Phase 1 spec is currently being redesigned in accordance with the new sharding proposal. Because of this redesign, the spec is highly in flux and not currently executable, thus the Phase 1 tests are currently disabled in CI.

Light client spec (warning: not stable)

While the core of the light client spec was put in place, this hinges upon components of the Phase 1 spec which is currently under redesign. The current light client spec can be used for general educational purposes to understand the approach we are considering, but will see heavy redesign after phase 1 stabilizes.

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