What else should we rewrite? (1.4.14)

@karalabe karalabe released this Sep 28, 2016 · 42 commits to release/1.4 since this release

This is a Geth pre-release to counter the network DoS attacks from yesterday and those detected today. It is a prerelease (to help people get back on track fast) with further updates coming soon. As always, please keep an eye on your nodes while using as it features a new bleeding edge caching mechanism.

Note, initial attack blocks may process slower as cold data is loaded from the disk, but the longer Geth runs the less impact such transactions should have.

Being a pre-release, we won't land this code just yet in the master branch, also inherently meaning we won't be providing stable binaries from the usual channels (brew, ppa, chocolatey), however cross builds are available for testing below. Mist builds containing the pre-release will also be available.

🔩 [xgo build bot] Published geth 1.4.14-prerelease (f88bca7) - release/1.4 branch

Package Size SHA1 Checksum
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-android-21.aar.tar.bz2 22M a033fae9dd7c301d1e413de1fbef10337cb4f73e
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-darwin-10.6-amd64.tar.bz2 5.3M 5cf7d9afe89c74f5d635c2f9d7ff6b41e2ab1b17
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-ios-7.0-framework.tar.bz2 20M bf714d97fb533a3dfb751cb2b433a07a6f805b4c
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-386.tar.bz2 6.3M 81a97b37c7beb938015f52d00c966de1c1397239
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-amd64.tar.bz2 6.5M 26022ac82c7974359c90f6108cc3ba1f1803a22d
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-arm-5.tar.bz2 6.0M fb5e18aef2bc309fe2d8102d4c13ec62dc3975a6
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-arm-6.tar.bz2 6.0M 08b33e0608debfd865959b17c7e01b43fab05a8f
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-arm-7.tar.bz2 6.0M 8a7c801c5eefd66ee8602226cb0e54193dd37ccc
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-arm64.tar.bz2 6.0M b6bd9ae9965d5dd5b007f660145f2812b0213bde
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-mips64.tar.bz2 5.7M f44d08e7f50d11c25983d699be490161f26cf743
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-linux-mips64le.tar.bz2 5.8M f62bbfc22c126e99a55b28153d17e746d39f035c
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-windows-4.0-386.exe.zip 5.6M 817435ad820663371cad23473f1cf7c9c5a6d1d7
geth-1.4.14-prerelease-f88bca7-windows-4.0-amd64.exe.zip 5.7M 99a7354471ae8974a66184ab5ad34a96330598d2

Disclaimer: All of these binaries have been cross-compiled from Linux. Their primary goal is to provide access to unsupported or experimental platforms. We cannot guarantee that a cross compiler will produce the same performing code as a native build will. For any issues found, please contact @karalabe.