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@karalabe karalabe released this Dec 14, 2016 · 196 commits to release/1.5 since this release

Geth 1.5.5 is a patch release, mostly fixing bugs and annoyances.

The brave soul/sole feature of the release is support for exporting the blockchain to- and importing it from gzipped data streams (#3427) too. This can be useful for private network development purposes to back up and restore snapshots of the chain and for debugging/testing purposes. You can do compressed export/import operation simply via specifying a chain output file name ending in .gz.

The built in netstats client was fixed to report a few infos that were not sent to the netstats server in the previous release due to an oversight (#3370, #3373, #3390). This should help sort out the issues seen on the netstats page that certain charts had missing data in them. Further it adds support for historical data queries that are relevant mostly for private netstats servers with only Geth nodes reporting (#3425).

A few data race issues were fixed in the transaction pool (#3412, #3429) that should help with some duplicate nonce allocations during heavy/parallel transaction publishes; and in the miner (#3431, #3430) that were harmless, just found and fixed. The tracking of mined but not yet conformed blocks was reworked to make it nicer and stabler (if by any chance you relied on these logs having a certain format, be advised that they have changed slightly).

The release fixes a bug in the Windows installer that occasionally corrupted the PATH environment variable (#3419); and contains a batch of tweaks and fixes for the light client (#3413) and swarm (3421).

As of 13th December, Canonical deprecated Ubuntu Wily and dropped support for building and distributing launchpad PPA packages for that version of their OS. As a result, we had to remove those PPA builds from out build service too (#3439). However, you can still download bundles binaries from our downloads page which will work on any Linux distribution (based on libc).

Beside the above, a handful of minor patches were also included in theis release. For a full rundown, please see the 1.5.5 milestone page.

Binaries are available on our downloads page.

PS: Honorable mention goes to Razvan, Viorel and Vlad of the Ethereum Cluj meetup for helping find 5 of the bugs fixed above and providing the motivation for 3 awesome features planned for the next release ;)

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