@fjl fjl released this Oct 4, 2017 · 117 commits to release/1.7 since this release

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This is a maintenance release that fixes regressions in the 1.7.0 release.

This release enables the Byzantium hard fork transition at block number 4370000 (~17th October) on the mainnet and block number 1035301 (~9th October) on the Rinkeby test network. Please update well before these dates to ensure a smooth transition.

Noteworthy changes:

  • Log queries handle the null topic correctly. (#15195)
  • Ledger Nano S and Trezor hardware wallets should once again be detected on macOS. (#15232)
  • p2p: messages are compressed using Snappy. See EIP706 for more information. (#15106)
  • ethclient: The new TransactionSender method can be used to derive the sender address
    of a transaction at the time of inclusion. (#15127).

For a full rundown of changes, please see the v1.7.1 milestone.

As always, binaries and mobile libraries are available on our download page.